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The Warriors’ list was returned to 1 game to contribute 3 points and 2 boards

On December 9th, Beijing time, the Warriors officially announced that the team will decentralize James Wansman and Patrick Bald Wild Lane Rolinus to the Development Alliance.

Wansman was released for three weeks before. During the period, he played in 7 games in the development league, averaging 26.9 minutes per game, scored 15.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and 1.1 blocks, and shot 62.2%.

Before yesterday, Wansman was recalled, on behalf of the Warriors played against the jazz.Wansman played 5 minutes in this game, 1 of 2 shots, 1 free throw, contributed 3 points and 2 rebounds.

Speaking of the previous team recalls Wesman, Cole said: “This recall is due to the shortage of dreams because of the tight hips.” Cole would rather let Wesman exercise more in the development alliance.

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