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The Warriors Insurance Eagle Judgment Report: 6 times missed the two sides for each profit 3 times

On January 4th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the last two minutes of the Warriors double over time and the referee report of the Eagles yesterday. The referee reported that a total of 6 missed sentences appeared, and the two sides made 3 times each.

The first missed sentence occurred in the last 21 seconds of the regular season. Pur fouled Trey Yang and the referee leaked.

The second omissions occurred in the regular season 12.6 seconds. Pogdan blocked the foul and caused Poor to go out of the border and the referee leaked.

The third omissions and the fourth omissions occurred in a round. In the first 1 minute and 25 seconds of the first overtime, Ao Kongwu pushed Puer to be blown offensive foul.The referee did not blow the penalty.

The fifth omissions occurred in the first 37 seconds of the first overtime. Corinus fouled Langs and the referee leaked.

The sixth missed sentence occurred in the last 50 seconds of the overtime, and Crey Thompson started a step, and the referee leaked.

In the end, the Warriors defeated the Eagles through Rooney’s makeup in the second overtime.

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