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The two major centers of the MVP battle have taken out the unique appointment teacher and still overwhelmed the great emperor

The Denver Nuggets’ 76ers in the Philadelphia Facher were fired by many media to determine a heavyweight competition for MVP this season. Last season, Jacques took the MVP, and it seemed that Embiid’s attendance rate was insufficient (21 games). This season, Jacques still rides almost in the competition of MVP, and has occupied the official MVP’s first place for several consecutive weeks. In the MVP prediction of the BBR website, Jakich also pressed the letters and Embiid to rank first. You must know that the MVP prediction of BBR in the past ten years has only missed once in 2017.

Embiid wanted to turn around the wind, and the direct dialogue with Jokic became important. Since the regular season on December 10, 2019, the two have never had a direct confrontation. For the first time since the two seasons, this game has attracted much attention.

After Harden was traded to Philadelphia, Embiid and Harden had more than a week of honeymoon. After the game of Harden’s first show, the Timberwolves said, “I haven’t got such a big space in my life in my life.” During the focus of the battle, Philadelphia defeated the Nets. The honeymoon period of Philadelphia ended there. In the game of the WeChat Magic team in yesterday, Philadelphia played a difficult time to reverse the game until the overtime. Today, how should Philadelphia cope with the menacing Nuggets?

First, how does Philadelphia defend Jokic?

Defensive Jokic is a worldwide problem. First of all, he is one of the best players in the league history. Whether it is at the low position, or in a high strategy, he can feed each teammate comfortably. If you serve, you must be cautious about the Jokic clip. If you don’t pay attention, you will be penetrated by other players of the Nuggets under the basket.

Choose a single defense? Jacques was not afraid of any inside defense at all. Every time he played the best defensive player Gobel, he drank like a bottle of cola. In this month against the Pelicans, Jakich scored 30 points in 10 of 11 shots in the fourth quarter and overtime. In most competitions, Jeepic first passed the ball to drive his teammates. Then go to the ball to attack. According to Synergy’s data, this season, Joschen averaged 31.3 participating offensives (shots+assists), and scored up to 1.426 points per round, surpassing 93%of the players in the league.

Is there no way to defend Joscic? Wanting to limit the death of Kikchi is unparalleled, it can only reduce his offensive influence. The focus of prevention of Kikchi is not on the inside, but the co -defense wheel of other players. Can it be put on the packet in time? Can the subsequent rotation be in place? This tests the faster front players. In a game that lost to the Raptors in the Nuggets, the Raptors with the top defensive resources of the league made a good demonstration. They used the Nuggets to get 31 points, grabbed 23 offensive rebounds, and scored 30 points by second offense. In the fourth quarter, they frequently impacted the penalty area where Joschen guarded.

Jakich was not very good after the opening today. He was repeatedly steal and blocks by Philadelphia. Hebur sent him twice and blocking. Is Kejiech a vegetarian as a MVP?

After a three -pointer in the second quarter, Jacques sent three assists to his teammates again and again. Throughout the first half, don’t look at Philadelphia to get 10 points for the nugget mistakes, because there is Johkic, the Nuggets have 16 points of fast break scores. Therefore, even if the Nuggets team only had 14 in the first half of the first half, the team still bite the score by relying on the end of the end of the second quarter of Yoshic (up to 15 points behind, and chased 5 points before the end of the half). Essence

Second, Embiid’s backbone

In the past two games, Embiid had only 14 of 45 shots. At the start of the game today, Embiid showed a strong aggression. The medium and long distance fired frequently, scoring 10 points in the first 17 points of Philadelphia. Harden’s arrival did not change his position in the team in the team. This season’s Embiids is increasingly not like a center, but it is like a seven -foot Kobe. He has 12.5 faces each game each game. Frames and back singles, at mid -distance points, three threats, fake action after fake action or jumping back? Embiid played the pure fire. In his ending method, the top three were jumper (633 times), back -up jumpers (178 times), and layup (253 times). To some extent, Embiid and Harden’s previous partner Durant seemed to be not much worse. They were all offensive cores that needed a lot of singles.

Harden played some pick-and-rolls with Embiid, but in the game against the Nets, the Nets have found the way to crack Harden Embiid connecting, that is, the weak side of Cebul, Dang Embiid Dushiro guarantees someone to block in front of Embiid, causing the two to be unable to play a simple push -and -free cooperation. Today, although Cebul hit a bottom three -pointer in the first quarter, the Nuggets resolutely let him go.

The connection between Harden and Embiid, these three games we see more are the singles after the two are dismantled, instead of a very tacit cooperation in the first five games. Fortunately, Embiid and Harden both offensive in the third quarter. The singles dismantled the Nuggets’ defense in turn. The two scored a total of 6 of 10 shots. For 8 points, Jacques restingly rest, who supports the Nuggets?

Third, unexpected ending

Under the gaze of many relatives and friends (only 30 kilometers away from Philadelphia’s hometown), Hyland became the Nugato X -factor in the fourth quarter. The three points in the third quarter 3 did not interfere with his mentality. In the face of the defensive strategy of squatting after Philadelphia, he was polite. Essence In addition to these two difficulty leveling three -pointers, Hyland hit LOGO Shot at a 30 -foot out of one time, chasing three points on the top of Cebel, all of which are the scores that Philadelphia was completely unexpected.

Maybe no one wants to get the two major MVP competitors dialogue, which determines that the victory or defeat is actually the bench of the two teams. Not only the four three -pointers in the end of Hyland, Cousins ​​also had 3 of 3 of 3 shots. In the game, the Nuggets scored 48 points. Philadelphia’s substitute was only poor 14 points.

Looking at the 29-11 fast-breaking scoring scoring in the audience, Embiid said: “Attack is not a problem, the problem is defense, especially the fast attack of the defensive opponent.” In the first half of Philadelphia In the second half, the second half was unclear because of the anti -resistance and demolition, and the squatting pit lost three points. Except for defense, what should I do if my weak substitute? Does Harris have to bring more beans? It’s all issues that Rivers have to consider in the future.

In a MVP battle, Jacques and Embiid both took out the unique work at the bottom of the box, and also had offense and defense in the end of the game. In terms of personal performance, Embiid, who scored 34 points and 9 boards and 4, did not lose the 22 points and 13 boards and 8 assists. Embiid had previously called Jacques “Monster, the best player.” Jacques also said Embiid was an “incredible player.” If this season was squeezed into the second line by Jokic this season, we can only sigh: Both Jeepicic, He Sheng En Bid. (30 points)

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  2. Watching Teacher, I was so lamenting that if the old Sabanis entered the NBA earlier, it would be fine [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

  3. Jokic Qiangqiang Sheng En Bid has no suspense.

  4. Harden is really a name! The sun is down! Intersection

  5. It also depends on the record

  6. Yisheng Gong Jin He Sheng Kong Ming

  7. 唉, the previous regular season MVP chose from the best record team, and now the MVP is the best popular data from the most popular data Selected by the players

  8. The first lineup of the season is expected: Jokic, Alphabet Brother, DeRozan, Doncic, Monte. In this lineup, there should be no obvious defects. You can fight with the Bull dynasty [hee hee]

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    Teacher is the strongest alliance. Called Yi Shengyu He Shengliang

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  11. Jacques won the game and lost the MVP

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