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The two leaders of the RSM Elite Tournament Lirder Srigara and Harman lost a lot of money



On November 21, Beijing time, in the final round of the RSM elite match, Adam Svans successfully countered and achieved the first victory of the US tour. But in the last stage, many players have the opportunity to fight for the championship.

Sri Srigara rebounded from the No. 7 Cave, and the double cypress of the five-rod hole rebounded. At that time, he played the ball to the left and fell into trouble. After that, he cut the pole behind the green and returned to his side. In the last 11 holes, he caught 5 birds and scored 66 shots.

This is not the first time in Sri Srigara’s loss this year, but he would rather see a positive side: “Yes, a lot of positive things. I can come to this place. It feels better. It is not necessary to play your own A+or A level, and you can reach it. “

Blain Harman entered the championship during the end of the final stage. On the 15th, the five -rod hole, his wooden poles attacked the green, and the ball rolled into the ball a few inches from a few inches, leaving himself a short eagle push. He caught the bird on the 16th hole and led tongue to lead, but the last two holes were just Baopa.

Patrick Rodgers and Ben Martin led after 54, but the last round did not keep up. Patrick Rogers did not catch the first bird until the 13th of the Cave, and made 70 shots, ranking tenth. Ben Martin ended 72 shots, ranking to 21st.

Cole Hammer just graduated from the University of Texas in May and participated in a foreign card. He played 65 shots and won the fifth place, which helped him enter the Sony Open lineup.

The US Tour is going to rest for 6 weeks now. The last New Year’s Day will recover in the sentry championship in the first week of January.

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