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The two -color ball in the old color people’s bile trailer 8.25 million bonuses did not want to deposit the bank first


Winning lottery

On the evening of December 11th, the two -color ball game played the 2022142 draw. This is the eighteenth issue of the two -color ball of 1.2 billion yuan this year.In the current dual -color ball prize, 12 bets, single bet prizes of more than 5.67 million yuan, the first prize of the first prize of the 12 bets, the first prize of the flowers to Jiangsu, Zhejiang (4 bets), Shenzhen and other places.Among them, 8 bets and second prizes are special awards, and the bonus is 2.5 million yuan.In the current second prize, 122 bets are issued, and the single bet amount is more than 82,000 yuan.

In the current period, the first prize of Xixizhong 1 Note from our province is from Wuxi City. The lucky site is the third phase of Fucai Store, the third phase of the East Lake District, Binhu District, No. 32020415 Fucai Betting Station.The third prize is 27 bets, and the total award amount reaches more than 8.25 million yuan.

As an old lottery who has been buying lottery for many years, Wuxi Lottery Gu Gu Gu is “cooked and familiar way” for each color of the welfare lottery: “Double color ball, ‘Happy 8’, and that ‘3d’, ’15I chose 5 ‘,’ Qile Cai “, I have bought it!” When talking about the lottery, the old Gu Gu’s eyes suddenly became excited.

Dragging betting methods are more “niche” among the lottery people, but for the old Gu Gu, it is a daily life: “I generally are duplex or gallbladder.Come alternately. “Previously, the old Gu generally adopted the” 8+1 “duplex ticket or the 5 bold dragging of the same period like this period.Come.

Good heart is “Happy 8”

In addition to the two -color ball game, in all the colored species, the old Gu also prefer the “Happy 8” game: “I also dare to drag bet, one worship of” Happy 8 “to buy a four or five issues.” According to the old Gu Gu, this year, this year”Happy 8″ is really good for luck. After twice, “Choose Ten Middle and Nine” and a “Selection of Nine Middle Schools and Eight”, they have harvested the “Grand Package Package” of more than 10,000 yuan.

Lao Gu feels that “Happy 8” can choose a lot of numbers, and the number is very regular. Several sets of numbers often appear with each other. He feels very feeling when choosing a number.Coupled with the recent “Happy 8” 36 million yuan welcoming the New Datong Award, it is now hot, and now it has surpassed the two -color ball game, becoming his “sharp heart”.Happy!

During the World Cup, “Dreaming”

As the World Cup contest is in full swing, the welfare lottery ticket is also “dreaming” and the award -winning event is also being distributed.The bonus gift, the highest bonus reached 1 million yuan.The old Gu Gu, who likes “early adopters”, heard that after hearing such a good prize event, he was also preparing to get a few luck in addition to betting on two -color ball game and “Happy 8”.

After finishing the prize procedures, Gu Gu smiled and told Fucai staff that he hadn’t figured out how to use the bonus. At present, there should be a bank.He will also continue to support the welfare lottery two -color ball game, hoping that good luck is always there, and blessings are full.

(Hubei Fucai)

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