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The two -color ball among the man was 13.8 million 6 years ago.

Editor’s note: Mr. Zhang is an old lottery. He has been buying a lottery for more than 20 years. He used to play large tickets such as 8888 yuan or 6,666 yuan, which caused his family to be very disgusted with his lottery.Six years ago, he hid the lottery as usual after purchasing the ticket. As a result, he could not find the lottery after he learned that the winning prize was won. In the end, he regretted that he had abandoned the 6.41 million prizes.In the past six years, he insisted on buying the lottery, and finally hit 13.8 million awards in double -color balls!

How many ways do people have to go through to be called real lottery?How many times a person should you look up to see the prize?

The protagonist who debuted today is Mr. Zhang (a pseudonym) who lives in Weibin District, Baoji City.On December 15th, in the 2022144 draw of the two -color ball, with a 10 yuan single ticket, the first bet number of the 4 bet number was 2 times the bet, and the “double yellow egg” award, oneTickets took another 13.8 million yuan.

At the same time, Mr. Zhang is a particularly lucky person, and he is also a two -color ball first prize.However, between the two awards, he persisted for six years.

Now, let’s follow Mr. Zhang, listen to his legendary encounters with the two -color ball, and understand a turbulent inner world of “ordinary people”.

“I have been playing lottery tickets for more than 20 years. From the beginning of the” Shaanxi style ’33, 733, I have been listed on the laid -up color ball in the back. After playing until now, I have been playing for so many years.Give the people a chance, I think it’s okay! “

It is such a simple perception that the two -color ball can “give the people a chance”. With Mr. Zhang along the way, it is twenty years.

At that time, when the fresh clothes were angry, Mr. Zhang also had it.

“I used to be young, and I was a little idle in my hand. I did n’t worry about the lottery tickets. I always played more than 8,800 lottery tickets, or I made 6666 auspicious numbers.I will buy dozens of dollars in the period, now more rational. “

At that time, Mr. Zhang was in his hands, and he did a hidden danger, which was the opposition of his wife.But he bought the lottery and bought the lottery. It was not easy to change for a while.

However, there was hiding, and Mr. Zhang hid the “highest realm” -i even forgot where he was hiding.

“I bought this lottery, and I have bought it for so many years. In fact, I also won a first prize in 2016, but because of the opposition at home, I did n’t know what to put the ticket. Finally, I always regretted it.This has become an abandoned prize. “

Mr. Zhang’s lottery place, lottery numbers and betting are indeed consistent with the first prize of the two -color ball in Xi’an -time dial back to 13:52 on September 7, 2016.Zhailu No. 61011539 Betting Station, the first lottery ticket, 1 bet single -type ticket modified after the selection, won the 2016105 double -color ball 6.41 million prize.

Determine is your own ticket, and it is indeed impossible to find.How do Mr. Zhang come out?

“I have been regrettable, but I haven’t given up. I have been buying anyway in the past few years. This time I was very lucky. I bought two first prizes. I bought it in Xi’an last time.I got it again, it’s lucky! “

The lottery tickets from the 10 million prizes this time are a bit special. How did it come?

“I chose the number of the first prize on the first bet. I played it twice. In order to collect 10 yuan, I asked the boss to choose three bets, which is equivalent to 10 yuan. In fact, it is four bets.Number, I chose that note myself, I twice the single, and it took 10 yuan, that’s it. “

The number you choose, you still have to have confidence, twice!Nothing?Keep it!

“This time I bought this winning number, and the winning was the third issue. It was my own number. This is also the trend. I feel like I chose it. I chased 3 issues.In the middle, I just look at the trend. I feel that this number should be coming out. This is the idea, and I can wait for the third phase. “

At 5:12 pm on December 15th, Mr. Zhang called Fan Huining, a salesperson at No. 5 Fucai 61030095 Tai Bai Road, Weibin District, and asked the number to pay the ticket.In the evening, Mr. Zhang, the lottery chasing the 3rd issue, was coincidentally winning the first prize, with a total bonus of 13.8 million!

The award came out, and the lottery lottery was still in Fan Huining’s lottery store. Mr. Zhang was very trustworthy and calm, but instead fierce Fan Huining.

“After the results came out at night, the boss who sold the lottery told me that you won the prize. I checked the lottery ticket was indeed winning.I’m not at ease in the store, she goes to the store now, and I just talk to her. I said you sent me to the door.The two of us made a small video of the transfer and recorded it. This boss is very polite, and the service is really good, very dedicated! “

The lottery was delivered overnight to the 1.38 million award, and the 6 years after the 6.41 million awards of Mr. Zhang, a successful ending.

From the time of abandonment to the dark time to the highlights of re -winning the tens of millions of prizes, what kind of emotions will Mr. Zhang have?

“I feel sincerely treat it. This is still an equal mentality. To face it, it can make a little contribution to the cause of social welfare and blessing, and the mentality will be good. Sooner or later, it will win the prize? I think that’s it.”The polishing of the two awards allow Mr. Zhang to have an extraordinary good attitude.The gift of the two -color ball helped him busy and gave him a better arrangement.

“In the past few years, the business has not been downturn. In addition, the business has been difficult to do in the past two years. After millions of money, there will be millions of debts outside.I won the award, and I solved my urgency. I really solved it! The remaining money, I think I will take care of the elderly in the future and arrange the children’s education in all aspects.I have my own ability. In fact, I have said it. I have done charity. I also have the idea of this.

It is difficult for us to open twice like Mr. Zhang, hit the two -color ball award twice, but play one with one hand, maybe we can also meet our dreams and glory.

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    I want to ask Xiaobian, do you know what is the chance of the two prizes in the life of a person?

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