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The two -color ball 9.41 million awards, the rejuvenation period is less than a week, the biggest abandonment of Shaanxi’s biggest abandonment

On September 27, Xi’an Caimin 9.41 million awards in the two -color ball balls in a single single -formula voting.To this day, the last period of the redeeming prize is less than one week!

Double -color balls 2022112 issued red balls 03, 05, 08, 17, 25, 31, blue ball 01, the nation’s first prize 5 bets, including Shaanxi 1 bet.According to the retrieval, the winning lottery ticket was sold at 17:22 on September 27th. It was based on the first floor of Fangxinyuan, West Duanxinyuan, Fengcheng District, Weiyang District.The first prize is 9.41 million yuan.

According to the “Lottery Management Regulations”, the winners of the lottery shall hold the winning lottery to the designated place from 60 natural days from the next day of the prize.Those who do not redeem the prize will be considered as abandoned, and the prizes that have not been redeemed will be included in the lottery public welfare.

Here, friends who call the lottery all the way to Fengcheng at the end of September, check their lottery carefully and remind relatives and friends that once you find the prize, please rush to the Provincial Fucai Center before 23:59:59 on November 28 to apply forGrand prize.If there is no one -time claim, the 9.41 million yuan bonus will become the largest abandonment of Shaanxi Cai City.

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