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The three major stars in Manchester City play a decisive role. There are still 9 people in the European Cup

In the European Cup 1/8 final, Manchester City players performed well.

England defeated Germany 2-0, and England’s first goal came from Stirling.At this European Cup, the first 3 goals of England scored by Sterling, and the “Happy Boy” became the team’s thigh.

In the subsequent Ukraine’s match against Sweden, Jinqinke from Manchester City played well.Not only did he score the goal, he also used a wonderful pass to help the team win the goal.After the game, he was rated by the European Football as the best.

Earlier in Spain’s victory over Slovakia, Manchester City’s Feilan Torres also performed well. He just made a substitute and broke the goal at a close -up heel.In the 57th minute of Croatia, Torres assisted Azpili Kuita.In the 77th minute, he scored himself.

In the group stage, Debrane also won the best competition.

At present, Sterling, Walker, Fuden, Stone, Deblaine, Latalt, Jinqinko, Ferlan Torres, and Rodry are still in the European Cup to fight for the champion.(Ivan)

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