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The third section of the bicycle race of the Fuzhou Bicycle Race Iwal Slack won the championship


The third stage of Fuzhou · Yongtai International Highway Cycling

On the 19th of the 2019 Huanfuzhou · Yongtai International Highway Bicycle Race, the third stage of the Changle Said Binjiang Binhai Road-Qinjiang Manchu Village in Changle Said. Ivar Slaic, from the Mangqi Intercontinental Team, Dutch, to get the finish line to get The champion of the stage, the Miao Chengshuo of the Chinese Hengxiang Intercontinental Team won the fourth place in this stage, becoming the best Chinese driver.

Changle is referred to as “Wu Hang” and “Hang”. The county started in the 6th year of Wude (AD 623). It was located on the south bank of the Minjiang River. It was separated from the Minjiang River in the north. Changle, as a well -known “seaside Zou Lu, famous literature”, Zheng He’s fleet is here to wait for the wind and the ocean. There are Yunmen Temple and Mazu Temple built by Zheng He near Qinjiang. Changle has “Zheng He Road”. Masters such as Zheng Zhenduo and Bing Xin at home and abroad are also from Changle.

As a well -known ancient village in Changle, the Qinjiang Manchu Village where the end point is located is a rare Manchu village in southern China. The earliest officers and soldiers and family members of more than 500 officers and soldiers in the 6th old fourth flag of the Qing Yongzheng 6 years were located in Qinjiang. Essence After the Revolution of 1911, the flag camp gradually became a residential town. Then it is called Manchu Village. It is reported that each of the villagers will speak three languages: Mandarin, Fuzhou dialect, and Manchu “under”. So far, a flag -man street and many flag -man customs have been retained in the Manchu village. couplet.

Based on Changle’s Linjiang and Linhai locations, the travelers of the drivers in the third section are a bit similar to the first stage. The driver’s game that day is similar to the previous stage. The drivers must ride on the track of the coastal and Binjiang. The 73.5 kilometers of circles are performed first, 14.7 kilometers per lap, and a total of 5 laps, of which two sprint points are set up at 33.4 kilometers and 62.8 kilometers, and then ride nearly 40 kilometers to the end of Qinjiang Manchu Village. The average altitude of the entire track is between 20-30 meters, and the track is flat. There is basically no big ups and downs, but the track starts from 90 kilometers. Compared with the previous step, the overall altitude decreases by about 10 meters. However, after the “down step”, the road conditions of the last 20 kilometers are different from the front. The road has narrowed, and although the overall is not large, it is not completely flat and there are different bumps.

Like the previous stage, before the departure of professional drivers, the first is the first of the bicycle amateur enthusiasts. Soon after the competition, there were 6 people including Miao Chengshuo, including Monas, Monus, Monars, Monars, Monars, Belarus, rushed out of the main car group. The leading team of 10 people. The leading situation of this small team was unexpectedly remained at the end of the day. Although someone kept fell behind, it was still a 4 -person team before the end of the main car group to catch up. Among them, No. 24 Matsul Dianis successfully won the first place in the two sprints, but after the circles, they gradually withdrew from the leading team and returned to the main car group.

It should be said that the strong wind and the last relative narrow and some undulating road conditions helped the leading team. From the initial 10 people to the first group of 4 people, although there were 20 kilometers of main cars from the distance end, there were 20 kilometers of main cars. The group began to accelerate the time gap between the chase and continuously reduced the time gap with the leading team. It was reduced to 28 seconds through the gap of the last 5 kilometers, but the relatively narrow road limited the transformation of the main car group leader. After catching up with hope, I chose to give up.

Before the end, the leading four teams also differentiated into two people in the first two people. The Ivar Slacs of the Mansion Mansion No. 66 reached the finish line first, with a score of 2 hours, 37 minutes and 17 seconds. He acknowledged that the track helped him because he was usually trained on such a relatively narrow and small undulating road to adapt to this road condition, and this road condition also made it difficult for the main car group to complete the pursuit.

After the end of this stage, the collar shirt has changed. The yellow shirt with the first personal score is still the No. 186 driver of the Shenzhen Xidsheng Intercontinental Team Davidonix Ilia. Charles Page of the Canyon Intercontinental Team. Lu Xianjing of the China Hengxiang team continued to retain the best white shirt in Greater China.

On the 20th, the 2019 Huanfuzhou · Yongtai International Highway bicycle race launched a 106.8 -kilometer competition in Lianjiang. CCTV Sports Channel, Hainan Satellite TV, Fuzhou Radio and Television Station, and CCTV News Client, iQiyi, Youku and other 15 online platforms are broadcast live.

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