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The third place in the row of the Super Women’s Volleyball Team, Shenzhen Double Killing Fujian’s first enrollment of the three -way bronze picking team history


Shenzhen women’s volleyball team

On January 7, Beijing time, after two rounds of competition, the 2022-2023 season Chinese women’s volleyball Super League season season ended in Shangrao, Jiangxi.In the next round of the competition, Shenzhen and Australian tiger in the tiger in the tiger in Australia 3-1 will defeat the Tieguanyin of Anxi, Fujian, and win with a total score of 2-0 in the competition of the two games.Received copper in the three-one, and the scores in the four innings were 17-25, 25-22, 25-21 and 25-22.Although the defeated Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin impacted the three -way, the fourth place was also the best record in the 27 years of the team’s volleyball league in the main away away.

After 4 draws of the first game, Fujian’s serving wheel in Zheng Yixin had a strong rising score, and Zhuang Yushan and Zhang Jing countered 10-4.After Shenzhen’s big counterattack to 10-12, Diana Boskovic made a mistake, Liang Weifan’s blockbuster was successful, Lin Yuexin captured the counterattack, and Fujian led 15-10.In the second half of the game, Shenzhen was difficult to turn over.

In the second game, Shenzhen replaced the main attack Aloya and retracted the initiative 6-3.After Fujian chased 5-6, Aroya attacked China, Dana-Boskovich twice scoring, Shenzhen 9-5 first.Yin Xiaolan, who debuted by the bench, took the goal straight, Diana Boskovic’s deduction, Fujian approached 19-20.Ariyeva and Kili Liuki scheduled, Shenzhen scored 3 points and 23-19 ahead.After Fujian bite until 22-24, Kili Liu Kaku hit the attack quickly, and Shenzhen 25-22 pulled back a game.

The third inning was 3-0 by the main attack of Biqinko and Aroyova.8-7 overtaked 8-7 after Fujian stabilized.Shenzhen’s serving wheels in Dana-Boskovich opened the score to 12-8.Zheng Yixin’s probe succeeded, Zhuang Yushan attacked the ball back, and Fujian, who was 5 points behind the Central Bureau, chased 20-23.Yaksic’s blocking point, Diana Boskovic’s back locking victory, Shenzhen 25-21 won another game, a large score of 2-1 overtake.

In the fourth inning, Ye Jiajing was adopted by Fujian, and Zheng Yixin returned to the sub -offensive line partner Liang Weifan.After the change of Fujian, the disadvantage was still 5-13.While Shenzhen was slightly relaxed, Fujian strengthened to chase to 13-15.During the stages of the stages of Kili Liu Ke, Zhuang Yushan’s strong attack, Shenzhen pulled the score to 20-16. After the 4-game point of the 4 consecutive match points in Fujian, Ye Jiajing made a mistake. Shenzhen won 25-22, 3-1Like Fujian.(Caucasus)

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  1. Fujian lacks the main attack and the second biography

  2. Shen Ze can enter the national team, starting from the second team

  3. I really want to win the Fujian team. Look at the young guy who guides the original spiritual refreshing guy, and keep telling the team members.EssenceEssenceA very good coach.

  4. Reply
    ShanhaiXianbang33367178 1月 8, 2023 at 2:32 上午

    Twenty years ago, we also dreamed of spending a lot of money to invite the entire Cuban national team to play the league in China. Now there are companies to pay for foreign aid to form a team to play with us. Why not?Intersection

  5. Compared with the main attack, it is more high -tall.

  6. People are only two sessions, and they are originally a joint team.EssenceEssenceAnd Tu Chao, Serie A is not a master of foreign aid, so that there is a market!Of course, Shenzhen must start to select seedlings based on the country. After all, it is a large Shenzhen.

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    Nameisalsoadifficultthing 1月 8, 2023 at 2:32 上午

    Anjiajie is instructed with her eyes. Without any tactics, they should learn more about Fujian team

  8. congratulations to Fujian to enter the top four!

  9. Fujian lacks a major main attack, and this gap should be further.

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