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The T1 league is questioned and low -level Howard: This is not respect for players

Beijing time on November 24th, the former NBA star Dwate Howard is currently fighting the T1 league in Taiwan Province. Although only two games, “Warcraft” has shown its own dominance.Twent 25 rebounds and 9 assists, and scored 23 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists in the second battle.

Although Howard exhibited the power on the court, some voices questioned the low level of the T1 league. Howard said in the live broadcast interaction: “This statement is very disrespectful to players, and my teammates need to be affirmed. There are only about 450 players a year.Being able to stand on the NBA arena, but this does not mean that players other than NBA have no ball skills. Professional players here also need to be affirmed. “

Howard further stated: “I have a lot of great teammates, as if I have played with my teammates in high school. I rarely take the ball for half a game after high school, which takes time to get used to it.”

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