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The Super League-Malkang Break the door Wu Xinghan Savior Wuhan San Town 1-1 Shandong Taishan

At 19:30 on December 9th, Beijing time, the 30th round of the 2022 Super League was competing. Wuhan Sanzhen Team sat at home Wuhan Sports Center to face the Taishan team in Shandong.In the first half, Stanqiu assisted Malkang to push the goal. Before the end of the half, Kreesan stuffed Wu Xinghan to equalize the score.In the second half, both sides had offensive or defense, but neither building.In the end, the Wuhan Three Town team tied the Shandong Taishan team 1-1 at home.

In the 14th minute, Wang Tong, No. 6, Taishan Team of Shandong, knocked Davidson while shovel in the backcourt. The referee decisively punished a free kick and showed a yellow card to Wang Tong.Steinchu was punished in the penalty area, and Moissez made a header.In the 19th minute, the Wuhan Three Town Team No. 43 Steinchuria was handed over to Malcon in time after the ball was broken in the frontcourt.0 leading Shandong Taishan team.

In the 24th minute, the Wuhan Three Town team made opportunities on the right. On the 11th, Davidson passed the middle road in the penalty area. On the 13th, Malcon shot at the back point. Unfortunately, the ball was not played.EssenceIn the 31st minute, the corner kick in the Taishan team in Shandong opened the penalty area. On the 4th, Jadeson headed the goal, and the ball was slightly out of the door to fly out of the bottom line.

In the first half of the injury stop time, after the frontcourt of the 9th Cresan team in the Taishan team in Shandong sent a straight stuff, Wu Xinghan’s front plug -in player Liu Dianzo pushed into the net.The Taishan team equalized the score.

Before the end of the halftime, Malkang made a free kick in front of the opponent’s penalty area. Stanqiu made a penalty directly, the ball hit the ball and played back on the wall. After Stanquan stopped the ball, the ball was blocked by the Taishan team.Immediately, the first half ended, and the two sides were divided into autumn.

In the second half, the two sides changed again. In the 63rd minute, Moissez sent a straight stuff in the frontcourt. After Song Long on the 39th, he inserted into the penalty area and shot near the corner. The ball was pushed out by the goalkeeper Liu Dianzo.In the 68th minute, the three town teams in Wuhan won the free kick in the frontcourt. Stanqiu made a penalty to the penalty area. Malkang headed the goal, and the ball was slightly higher than the goal.

In the 75th minute, the 13th town team in Wuhan made a back in front of the opponent’s penalty area. Davidson took two steps to make a decisive long shot.Down.Just two minutes later, the No. 11 Davidson of Wuhan Three Town Team passed the middle of the ball on the left side of the opponent’s penalty area. On the 43rd, Stanqiu continued to push the ball and pushed the ball, and the ball was slightly out of the bottom line.

Since then, the two sides have offensive and defensive, but they are unable to rewrite the score again.The game ended 4 minutes after the injury stop, and the two sides finally shook hands with 1 to 1.

Both sides launched a lineup:

Wuhan Three Town: 4-Yin Yagi, 7-Edmirson, 11-Davidson, 12-Zhang Xiaobin, 13-Malcon, Zhang Wentao, 20-Gongyi Wing, 22-Liu Dianzheng (goalkeeper), 25-Deng Hanwen,37-Xu Haoyang, 43-Stanqiu

32-Lu Haidong, 36-Xiao Kaizhou, 40-Zhang Hui

Shandong Taishan: 4-Jaidessong, 5-Zheng Zheng, 6-Wang Tong, 9-Cresan, 10-Moisseus, 14-Wang Dalei (goalkeeper), 17-Wu XinghanNot all pulling wood, 37-Jixiang, 39-Song Long

Taishan substitute: 11-Liu Yang, 13-Zhang Chi, 16-Li Hailong, 18-Han Zeze (goalkeeper), 21-Liu Binbin, 23-Hao Haiyi, 25-Felryi’s, 33-Jin Jingdao, 34-Huang Cong

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