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The Super League Championship “Sudden Death” survey: Jiangsu has no Jiangsu team

Jiangsu team’s stop operation

It is obvious to the heavy creation caused by the Super League and Chinese professional football

Such a change is rare in international football

Source: Yang Zhijie China News Weekly

It has been a month since the Jiangsu Football Club (hereinafter referred to as the “Jiangsu Team”) announced that it has been suspended for a month. Until noon on March 29, Yang Xiaotian still had a hopes of one thousandth, looking forward to the club’s new investor to take over and return to life.

At this time, less than half a month before the transfer window was closed, most of the players had found the new owner. Yang Xiaotian was unwilling to transfer, and six or seven people including the former Jiangsu team assistant Cao Rui and player Zhou Yun found the venue and insisted on physical fitness. train. For an hour and a half, running, grabbing, and playing.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Xiaotian returned home, took a bath and took the mobile phone, and the news bounced out -repeatedly postponed the announcement of the third -level league access list was released, and the Jiangsu team was not among them. This means that the Jiangsu team in the last Chinese Super League has missed the Chinese Super League this year. The 27 -year -old Jiangsu team was pressed for less than 6 years after taking over the Suning Group. For a few seconds, Yang Xiaotian’s mind was blank, and then realized that he was really leaving.

On March 2, 2021, Suning Football Club, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, was in a shutdown state. The training base football field could not see anyone empty. Photo/Visual China

The new champion of the Super League in China “suddenly died” after winning the championship 108 days after winning the championship, shocking football. Some media commented that “the stop operation of the Jiangsu team is significantly serious for the Super League and Chinese professional football. It is rare for such changes to be in international football.”

The Super League champion team stopped, allowing the outside world to re -examine the operating dilemma of domestic professional football clubs in recent years. Since 2018, professional clubs have begun to appear “exit”, with media statistics. In 4 years, 31 Furniture Music has withdrawn from professional football. In this year’s third -level league access list, in addition to the Jiangsu team, 5 Hao Dabu, which is far away from the Jiangsu team, Tai Mongolia Zhongyou, Beijing people, Jiangsu Yancheng and Shenzhen Yigang, also missed the league. Teda) At once a line, at the last moment, the Chinese Super League fire species.

Behind the club’s suspension, no one is the winner. “Investors are losers, players have not got money, fans are disappointed, and the entire professional league has been hurt.” Yuan Zibo Cuju Football Club General Manager and Corporation Hou Zhiqiang told China News Weekly.

“Jiangsu has no Jiangsu team in the end”

Talking about the sudden and changing career, Yang Xiaotian admitted that “he is the person who does not want the team to dissolve.”

At the end of May last year, Yang Xiaotian was injured in a warm -up game and was selected as a big list of first -team teams in the new season. On the evening of November 12, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center staged the Super League final. The Jiangsu Suning Tesco team defeated the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team 2-1 to win the team’s first Chinese Super League champion. When the players raised the Vulcan Cup to welcome the historical moment, Yang Xiaotian was recovering in Shanghai. Several of the screen, he celebrated with Dr. Rehabilitation, and couldn’t help but regret it, “What a pity not to be on the court, I hope You can play again in the new season. “

After the Spring Festival, the team originally planned to gather on February 18 to conduct winter training before the new season. But until the same day, the players and the coaching team did not receive a notice of returning to the team. Cao Rui was the assistant coach of the team. At that time, he and the players teased that they could rest for a few more days this year. After waiting for a few days, everyone was noticeable. Someone asked the leader in the WeChat group, and the other party asked them to “wait for the club to notify”. But Cao Rui remembered that since then, the club has never notified everyone for training.

In a scattered sand state, Cao Rui took six or seven players to the Suning Xuzhuang training base to train independently. Other players in Nanjing heard the news and joined one after another. Essence

“Sports Weekly” reported that on the morning of February 28, the players suddenly received the club notice that “free training was canceled on the 28th, and from now on, Xuzhuang Football Base is strictly forbidden to enter and exit.” At 1:45 pm on the same day, the club issued a suspension announcement: “Due to various unprepared elements, Jiangsu Football Club cannot effectively guarantee continuing to continue to play in the Super League and AFC Champions League. Operation. “

This ending was beyond everyone’s expectations. Most of the team’s people couldn’t believe it. “We don’t think Suning dares to do this. A Super League championship team dissolves a few months later, causing the pressure of public opinion too much.”

In fact, the news of Suning’s weakness to the football club has been revealed since the league last year. Affected by the epidemic, last year’s Super League canceled the main and away system, and held a contest competition in Dalian and Suzhou. A club staff revealed that last year, players’ arrears of salary have become the norm. The Chinese Football Association stipulates that the club has arrears of the salary or bonus of players for more than three months, and the player can become a free transfer. The Jiangsu Football Club has always maintained a state of wages in arrears for two months. By the third month, a monthly salary was paid.

On September 1st last year, there were reports that the number of foreign aid Tesyra took the lead in the training because of Suning Club. In the early morning of the next day, the club issued an announcement clarifying, rumors. However, the aforementioned staff was also at the scene. He confirmed to China News Weekly that Teixera’s training was a fact. At that time, the club owed a long salary, and Teela did not go to the training ground on the same day. The head coach Oulao You understood the emotions of the players and said “respecting the players’ opinions.” The players at the scene simply did pull exercises and ran, and quickly returned to the hotel. According to reports, the club responded quickly that day, replenishing salary, and calming the situation. But clubs have reduced expenses and have penetrated into many corners. Before some key games, professional clubs usually set up bonuses to encourage the team to play well. According to the above -mentioned staff, starting from the semi -finals, the team applied to the club for increasing bonuses and did not get a response. The then coach Olaroyo once mentioned, “I have never seen the players reaches the semi -finals and finals without knowing whether I have a bonus.”

Since Olaroju came to the Jiangsu team in 2018, the team has not transferred in for three years. Only players who are free to join and rent from Guangzhou Evergrande have repeatedly promised to sign new players to the head coach, but never never cash. “I think this is not a way a team wants to win, but is exactly the opposite.” Olaroyo told the media.

Several team staff pointed out that the club has this change. Another main reason is Wang Zhe, secretary of the Party Committee of Suning Holdings Group and vice president of Suning Tesco. Since 2019, Wang Zhe has served as the chairman of the club, but everyone found that Wang Zhe did not understand football. He had publicly expressed the remarks of “youth training must make money, and a lot of youth training is not cost -effective. The above -mentioned staff mentioned that “Wang Zhe is very arbitrary and dedicated, leaving no room”, and the situation of “layman management” is also very common. He remembered that once the team won the game to get the club bonus, Wang Zhe believed that except for players, the bonuses including coaches and other staff should be cut off. The head coach repeatedly asked him to fight for him, and was eventually rejected by Wang Zhe. Last year, the club even resigned for more than ten years of washing workers for more than ten years. The two had a total salary of about 3.0 million yuan a year. Later, the clothes of the players were cleaned by teams and drivers.

Dissatisfaction was permeated among the players. It is understood that last year, the players collectively jointly wrote to the chairman of Suning Group Zhang Jindong to express their dissatisfaction with Wang Zhe’s management, but did not receive any response.

The Jiangsu team, which encountered the Lord Leng Yu, won the Chinese Super League championship trophy in Like Guangzhou Evergrande last season. The outside world generally believes that the flexible tactical adjustment of coach Olaroo is the key to leading the team to victory. Usually the task of the coaching team is only to train the player to play well, but in the second half of last year, he spent more time and energy to guide the players and told them: “We are playing here, not only for ourselves, but also for us for our Family, to kick for these fans. So we have to forget these unpleasant things. “

After winning the championship, Zhang Jindong issued a rewarding order within Suning to notify all members of the club. In addition, Olaroye said, “No celebration, no festivals, nothing.” The performance of the club disappointed players and coaches.

A staff member close to the Jiangsu team recalled that on the eve of the Spring Festival, the club’s senior management proposed that the club was ready for low -cost operations in 2021. The expensive foreign aid contract would not renew the contract after the expiration of the expensive foreign aid contract. At this time, the Jiangsu team’s championship team has begun to disintegrate -several foreign aids such as Tiela, Miranda, Wakasso, and Santini have dispersed. Four local players have not renewed their contracts. The question is to cancel the contract with the team and even actively give up the arrears of salary and bonuses.

On March 21, the Jiangsu team seemed to be seeking the failure of the transfer at all times. At this time, the Jiangsu team was on the verge of dissolution. Captain Wu Xiguan Xuan joined Shenhua, and Li Ang transferred to Shanghai Harbor. At the beginning of this year, Gu Chao, who was free, returned to the Zhejiang team. On March 22, Ji Xiang wrote to the Jiangsu team on Weibo. The next day, Cao Rui publicly confirmed that Jixiang would transfer to the Taishan team in Shandong. On March 24, some media broke the news that Zhou Yun chose to retire directly.

Ji Xiang and Zhou Yun are natives of Jiangsu. They played in the Jiangsu province to the Super League since they were young. As of the club’s suspension, their careers only played for the Jiangsu team and were called “their own children” by fans. Cao Rui mentioned to “China News Weekly” that Ji Xiang rejected several invitations of several Chinese Super League teams. Both he and Zhou Yun were unwilling to leave. In the end, there was no hope before leaving. The night when Ji Xiang signed the contract with the Shandong team, he made a video call to Cao Rui with a red eye. From the signing of the contract, he cried all the way.

On the day Jixiang left the team, Yang Xiaotian, who had been comforting himself, could not avoid the fact that the team wanted to dissolve. “I always called Jixiang ‘Shaolin Temple’. It’s gone. “

On March 29, the third -level league access list was announced that the Jiangsu team was out and all dust settled. At noon on March 30, Zhou Yun officially announced his retirement on Weibo and bid farewell to the Green Stadium at the 30 -year -old golden age. He wrote: “Jiangsu can’t have the Jiangsu team, but Jiangsu eventually has no Jiangsu team.”

On November 12, 2020, fans in Jiangsu Suning Tesco celebrated the team to win the team. Picture/Xinhua

The corner of the collapse of the “Suning Empire”

The Jiangsu team’s previous name was “Jiangsu Suning Tesco Football Club Co., Ltd.”, which requires the requirements of neutral name reform. On February 1, the team officially changed its name to “Jiangsu Football Club Co., Ltd.”. On April 5th, a reporter from “China News Weekly” came to the Xuzhuang training base of Jiangsu Football Club. The door was closed. Some people stayed at the door and reminded pedestrians to take pictures. The club is facing Suning Avenue, surrounded by Suning Tesco Headquarters, Suning University, Suning Apartment, and even the subway station called “Suning Headquarters Station”.

The Jiangsu team’s stop is a microcosm of Suning Group’s financial difficulties. On December 4 last year, Zhang Jindong, Zhang Kangyang and Nanjing Runxian Enterprise Management Center (limited partnership) of Suning Holdings Group (limited partnerships) gave the company all the equity of the company to Taobao (China) Software Co., Ltd., which caused the outside world to speculate about Suning’s financial situation. According to media reports, at the time, Suning faced a short -term liquidity crisis of about 20 billion yuan in bonds within half a year.

The crisis is far more than that. According to the third quarter of 2020, the total liabilities of Suning Tesco had reached 136.14 billion yuan, of which the total liquidity liabilities were 109.967 billion yuan. In order to alleviate liquidity debt, on February 25 this year, Zhang Jindong and Suning Electric Group, which were underestimated, resold Suning Tesco shares by 20%to 25%. Three days later, Shenzhen International and Kunpeng Capital, Shenzhen’s State -owned Assets Holdings, invested nearly 15 billion yuan, and took over 23%of Suning Tesco.

The home appliance industry analyst Liu Buchen once told China News Weekly that Suning Tesco is facing the situation of today’s main business losses and debt strokes. Eat a fat man in a tone and build the Suning Commercial Empire. ” However, Suning couldn’t control it at all, and these companies who invested and acquired did not bring profits to Suning.

The football club is also part of the “Suning Empire”. Jiangsu Football Club is a wholly -owned subsidiary of the real estate sector Suning Real Estate Group. In early December 2015, Zhang Jindong announced a high -profile annual meeting of the Chinese corporate leaders that Suning would enter the field of entrepreneurship, sports and entertainment. On December 21, Suning Electric Group acquired the former Jiangsu Guoxin Shuntian Football Club for 523 million yuan, and publicly stated that the larger investment in the future is not a problem, and it will build a century -old club. At that time, Zhang Jindong shouted the team goal of “the champion of the Chinese Super League and the top of Asia within three years”.

Zhang Jindong quickly fulfilled his own words with his actions. In February 2016, Suning took over the club for less than two months and introduced the Sky Player Tsaira for a sky -high price of 50 million euros (about 370 million yuan), refreshing the Super League transfer fee record, and spent 28 million euros (about RMB 2 100 million yuan) Digging to the Brazilian international Lamirez.

Suning undoubtedly became the most beautiful club in the winter international transfer market. According to data from the German website “Transfer Market”, in that year, the 16 teams of the Super League invested more than 300 million euros. Jiangsu Suning’s “contributed” is the largest, with a transfer fee of more than 100 million euros (more than 700 million yuan), followed by Huaxia Happiness, followed by Huaxia Happiness (72 million euros) and Guangzhou Evergrande (53 million euros). In addition to the high -value foreign aid, Gu Chao, Yang Jiawei, Xie Pengfei and other domestic aids were also expensive. Gu Chao’s transfer fee even reached 7 million euros (more than 50 million yuan).

In addition, Suning spent 8 months to build a well -equipped and international Xuzhuang training base for the Jiangsu team, and put it into use in 2017. The base has two 11 -person natural lawn football fields and a 7 -person artificial football field. It uses Bermuda grass special on the international stadium to install 6 eagle -eye HD machines and 2 fan horns 4K high -definition cameras. A former Jiangsu team revealed that according to incomplete statistics, Suning has invested at least 5 billion yuan in the club for more than 5 years.

In the early days of Suning’s take care of the team, Liu Yu was very happy. She and many Jiangsu fans had never seen so many world -class players gathered in the Jiangsu team. The club almost bought Real Madrid player Bell, letting everyone “see the world.” But in less than two years, Suning began to “lack of stamina.” Judging from the guidance alone, the transfer expenditure of Suning Winter Window fell to 12.92 million euros in 2017, ranking eighth among the Chinese clubs. In 2019, it was as low as 2.34 million euros. 81.43 million euros.

The high investment of the early “Golden Yuan Football” laid a foreshadowing for the Jiangsu team’s suspension. It is reported that in the second half of last year, Suning had told the Jiangsu Football Association that it was unable to afford the club. Some companies in Wuxi, Suzhou, and Nanjing came into contact with Suning, but they did not have the following prices because Suning’s offers were too high. On February 24, the Football News reported that for the sale of the Jiangsu team, Suning may officially announce the “0 transfer”. Buyers need to be responsible for 500 million yuan in debt, mainly due to the arrears of salary last season.

On one side is the club’s high expenditure, and the other is that the domestic professional football club generally lacks its own hematopoietic ability, making it easier for investors to give up their willingness to invest. Prior to the “salary limit order” of the Super League, there were media statistics that a Chinese Super Club invested at least 500 million yuan each year to relegate. The annual investment of the midstream club was 7.8 billion yuan, and the annual investment of the team in the championship group was as high as 10 100 million yuan to 2 billion yuan. The industry generally believes that some companies investing clubs pay more importantly to cater to the preferences of local leaders, or seek some local industries and land policies to balance investment. On February 19th, the first day of the start of the Spring Festival of Suning, Zhang Jindong mentioned in his speech on the New Year’s Eve. . We must focus limited resources and energy on the determined and valuable things. ” Ten days later, the lack of hematopoietic football club became the first knife of Suning.

Regarding the considerations before and after the Jiangsu team, China News Weekly contacted the Jiangsu Sports Bureau, the Jiangsu Football Association and Suning Group, and the Jiangsu Sports Bureau rejected the interview with the current no progress. Response.

A translated as a Jiangsu team has played for 20 years. He told China News Weekly, “In the history of the Jiangsu team, some companies, such as Matt is a small private enterprise, when they were unable to support it, everyone thought about it. How did you continue the team? Especially since the epidemic last year, companies can understand the teams and do not live. We can understand. If they (Suning) communicate well with everyone, how can we keep the team and give it to the society. I think everyone will thank everyone. After all, they have also invested so much money, won the Super League championship, and made a lot of contributions to the club. “

However, many team staff told China News Weekly that before and after the club announced the stop of operation, Zhang Jindong and Wang Zhe had never come forward to communicate with the club’s players and employees, “there was no explanation to everyone.”

On November 12, 2020, the 2020 Super League ended, and the Jiangsu Suning Tesco team defeated the defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team to win the first Chinese Super League championship in the history of the team. Picture/Xinhua

“Dead Hutong” in arrears of rights and rights protection

On April 2nd, when “China News Weekly” saw the team doctor Pan near Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, he was about to work to work in another football club in Jiangsu. As early as 2001, Lao Pan joined the former Jiangsu Shuntian Club. For 20 years, he experienced several changes from the club, and never expected that the Jiangsu team was unhappy and scattered.

When the club was suspended, the prize bonus promised in 2020 was not issued. When the club talked with Lao Pan and other staff members, he proposed that Suning took over the club’s years, that is, 5 years of compensation. However, Xu Xudong, a lawyer of Jiangsu Yicheng Law Firm, said, “The Jiangsu team has always been the same. It is only the shareholders and team names. Suning’s statement is to wipe out some of the working years of employees.”

On March 10, Lao Pan and the former Jiangsu team, a total of nine staff members, including team medicine, translation and team affairs, officially commissioned Xu Xudong to the labor dispute arbitration commission of the Xuanwu District, Nanjing Xuanwu District, and the 2020 bonus and related economy that owed the club in 2020 Compensation and other arbitration, the total amount exceeds 3 million yuan.

Xu Xudong told China News Weekly that in the arbitration stage, Suning had at least handling the problem of solving the problem. As of press time, the club has signed a reconciliation agreement with five staff members to give the resignation economic compensation, reissue salary compensation, and the full -year social insurance premium compensation in 2021, but has not yet reached the payment period. However, the reconciliation agreement does not involve the bonus of the previous year, and these employees have a short period of work, and the bonuses are not much. As for several old employees of the remaining ten years or even more than 20 years, the two sides have not reached a consensus.

In recent years, due to the power of the capital to invest in the club, players have been in the predicament of difficult salaries and difficulty in defending rights. On April 17, the 2021 Chinese Super League was about to start. The Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team did not enter the Guangzhou Division on the same day in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association. The “Football News” reported that the team members said that they hope to get all the wages of last year before entering the competition and solve the problem of historical leftover in order to be able to play at ease.

Earlier this year, the player’s “salary tide” appeared on social media. Since February, many players of the original Chinese team Inner Mongolia charged on Weibo. The club owed 8 months of salary. In this year’s third -level league access list, the China -Mongolia China Young Club missed the new season.

At the beginning of the year, more than a dozen players who had successfully rushed the armor at the end of last year, and more than a dozen players also publicly asked for salary on Weibo. The former team captain Zhang Fengyu told China News Weekly that the club owed players’ salary from 2018 to 2019, with a total of more than 10 million yuan. In addition, the bonus of the club leaders and the Sports Bureau’s promise promised to be redeemed, and even the cost of surgery hospitalization after the fracture of the competition in 2018 has not yet been reimbursed. The original team coach Hou Zhiqiang told China News Weekly that the most difficult time, the players had no income for 9 months from November 2019 to August 2020. Because of long -term wages, in 2020, the team’s leased players with experience in the Super League were lost. Some players have no choice but to retire, and even individual players can only drive a car and work on the outside of the work and repay the mortgage. In late April, Hou Zhiqiang told “China News Weekly” that the Zibo Cuju team has made new progress. The Zibo Sports Bureau convened all parties to meet, and the new investor of Zibo Cuju Football Club Sichuan Hua Kun Group stated that it would use Zibo Municipal Government to support the team to repay the salary of the team. The Football News reported that the relevant departments of Zibo City in the 2021 season promised to provide the club with 20 million yuan in support. “Although the arrears that owed two or three years have been late for a long time, for players, they can also get a response income.” Hou Zhiqiang said.

Among the 16 furniture music departments that were withdrawn last year, 11 were unable to meet the entry standards because they did not issue salary bonuses on time. They were not requested by the Football Association to enter the professional league. Among them, the veteran team Liaoning Football Club was dissolved. Former Liaoning football players and coaches submitted an arbitration application to the Chinese Football Association.

A domestic person who has participated in the management of clubs for many years believes that at present, whether it is the Chinese Football Association or the professional alliance, more of the interests of the club are more maintenance, and there are very few voice for players. Players do not have a union, and there is no right to speak by players and coaches in the big league. When arrears of salary, it is difficult for players to defend their rights.

According to regulations, general competitive sports disputes are mostly resolved within the system of sports organizations. Domestic professional football players, coaches and professional football clubs have arranged by the Arbitration Committee of the China Football Association in the dispute between the performance contract. But in Xu Xudong’s view, there are obvious loopholes. The current Football Association arbitration, as a dispute resolution agency for a single movement, lacks the authorization of superior law. The authority is obviously not enough, and the referee results have no coercive guarantee. The results of the Football Association’s arbitration, especially the salary arbitration of half of the controversy, many times the execution is facing huge difficulties. Those non -civil lawsuits are warned, fines, and even the registered qualification industry punishment. In terms of, there is no deterrent. Xu Xudong admits, “It can be said that the Football Association arbitration award, which lacks execution, is not even the legal white strip. It can only be regarded as white paper.”

“Unlike the staff, the players of Jiangsu Football Club, especially foreign players, have a good salary of the price. Forecast. “Xu Xudong pointed out” China News Weekly “that the” Sports Law “and” Labor Law “have not clarified the scope of disputes in the two levels of legislation and law enforcement in the arrears of salary of players, and it is currently inconvenient to resolve it.

150 children who lack guarantee

As the club stopped, the Jiangsu Youth Training Echelon also disbanded. Lu Cheng is the director of the former Jiangsu team’s echelon management department. In 2013, he came to the former Guoxin Shun Tian Club to participate in the youth training echelon. Lu Cheng introduced to “China News Weekly” that in the Suning era, the Jiangsu team formed six echelons, from U15 to U20, each echelon of about 25 people, a total of 150 players.

At present, the echelon is dissolved, and all students go to the club to issue a proof of freedom and find a new way out. As of press time, some of the main players of the Jiangsu echelon have determined the team. At the age of 2001, Ma Fuyu joined the Cangzhou male lion. Qi Yuxi chose Heilongjiang FC, Zheng Xuejian, Xie Zhiwei, Zou Li, Huang Zihao and many other echelon players collectively joined Nanjing City.

“They are the backup forces of Jiangsu football. In this disconnection, I personally think that Jiangsu football may not be able to slow down in 5-10 years.” Lu Cheng said. The interview with Lu Cheng was training at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. Before the echelon was trained at two stadiums in Olympic Sports Center every afternoon. On the afternoon of April 3rd, the gate of the two stadiums was locked, and a brand of “Suning Youth Training” was placed in the corner of the court.

On the Nanjing Yuhua Middle School playground not far from Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, every day at 3 or four pm, eight or nine players of Nanjing U15 and 16 echelons trained with Yuhua Middle School campus football for two hours. They were wearing a dark blue jersey in the original Suning echelon, and a fluorescent blue vest outside, which could be distinguished at a glance in the crowd. Five or six parents waited outside the playground and looked at them through the railings.

Wang Bo told “China News Weekly” that two hours of training every day were the happiest time of his day. He is the player of the former Suning U16 echelon and the guard. On February 20th, the school was originally planned to start. The same day the coach was temporarily notified on the parent WeChat group. Until early April, he never returned to school. When he was in class before, he got up at 6:30 and now sleeps until 8:30. In the morning, I took 1 to 1 network lesson, and I trained for two hours in Yuhua Middle School in the afternoon. Playing games at home in the evening, the entire rhythm is far less than school. Some foreign children in the class had a proof of freedom to go to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and other places for training. In the past month, Wang Bo didn’t go there, waiting at home for the last news of the Jiangsu team. On March 22, parents received a notice that U15 and U16 will form the Jiangsu Provincial Team to prepare for the National Games. The province will allow children to report to Jiangning Football Training Base the next day. Some children who returned to their hometown or went to the trial training in the field were rushed back. Wang Bo remembered that more than 40 players successively had one after another, and tried training at the base for 3 days. However, it didn’t take long for the province to notify the plan to form the Jiangsu provincial team to stop.

The last hope was shattered. Wang Bo told “China News Weekly” that he and the other two players will go to a club in Zhejiang to trial training. He didn’t seem to be under pressure. Even if the trial training failed, a club in Shanghai had already thrown him an olive branch, and he still had the choice of continuing to play. But not all children are so lucky. Lu Cheng introduced that the training of the youth training team is different from the first team. Among the 25 people, the actual incomplete rate is not high. In the end, there are very few people who can play professional football. A section may only produce four or five good seedlings. This is professional football. The law of more children will be eliminated due to mediocrity.

To a certain extent, the original youth training system can provide a way out for their future -even if they can’t play professional football, they can go to college students from colleges and universities when they graduate from high school. Now this road is also broken.

A U15 parent Zhang Ye told China News Weekly that after the Jiangsu team was suspended, the child had initiated the trial training of other teams and was rejected by him. Zhang Ye still remembers that after three years ago, after three rounds of selection, the child stood out from dozens of players and was selected to the U15 echelon. Children like football, which is largely influenced by themselves. “Now the club is suspended and has a great blow to children.”

After the echelon is dissolved, school is a more realistic issue in front of the child. During the Guoxin Shun Tian Club, Jiangsu Province Guoxin Group, Parma Football Club, Italy, Jiangsu Sports Bureau and Nanjing Foreign Language School cooperated to form a unique youth training model -Nanwai is responsible for providing education. Parma Football School provides foreign teachers. The operator and the Sports Bureau do a good job of policy guidance. This model continues to this day.

It turned out that the children of the echelon were studying at the Hexi Branch of the Nanjing Foreign Language School. This is a private school. The tuition fees per semester are 15,000 yuan, excluding accommodation. Without the support of the club, Zhang Ye and several parents have clearly stated that they are not able to bear tuition fees. Under the scarce educational resources, it is difficult for parents to transfer their children’s student status to public schools. This year’s U15 children are studying in the third grade, and two months later are the middle school entrance examination. Zhang Ye now gives the children to make up lessons at home every day, and is confused about the future of the child.

“You have to ask these children if you want to play now, and you must all want to play. But as parents, we can’t let him take risks. Our children have been wasteing school time for three years and can no longer be wasted.” Zhang Ye Say. In their opinion, there is no guarantee for the development of youth training at all. Once the club is suspended, the children and parents can only bear all the consequences.

Lu Cheng has contacted many parents. They are willing to send their children to a professional club. They generally have a complicated psychological struggle and need great courage. Parents have invested a lot of energy and financial resources to follow their children to compete in various places. At the same time, they must take care and cultivate carefully Children have become a professional player and playing for their hometown teams.

In Lu Cheng’s opinion, the Jiangsu team’s suspension has a more profound impact on the future development of football. “Suning is the champion team like this, will other clubs be like this? Who else dares to cultivate their children in football? “

The double losses of football and city

On March 23, the third -level league access list announced on this day was postponed again. There was a large outdoor screen near Nanjing Xinjiekou, and the slogan of “Jiangsu must not without the Jiangsu team”. Subsequently, cities in Yangzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Taizhou and other cities have successively played the same slogans on some city center screens to express fans’ hearts.

After the Jiangsu team decided to withdraw from the league, Liu Yu contacted many fans and bought the layout in the Yangtze Evening News and Sports Weekly, paying tribute to the retired “Jiangsu Child” Zhou Yun. In the center of the dark blue layout, Zhou Yun kissed the Super League championship trophy, and the slogan of “one person, one city, one team” was attached below. In the “Sports Weekly”, Liu Yu and his friends also produced another poster. It was densely written on the name of the coach, players and important staff since the professionalization of the Jiangsu team in 1994.

Liu Yu has seriously verified the history of the team. For 27 years, the team has been from scratch, with a rising state. In the end, she successfully overtaken and won the FA Cup championship. As a fan, she witnessed the trough and glory of the local team. She hopes that in this way, thank everyone for their contributions to the Jiangsu team and the memory of the fans. The Jiangsu team stopped, revealing the deeper dilemma of domestic professional football -the fate of a team representing a local spirit and culture, but was controlled by a company. This is not an example. In 2020, because the capital injection company Hongyun Group had no intention of re -investment, the old team with a 67 -year history Liaoning Football Team disappeared in Chinese football, and Liaoning Fans lost their spiritual sustenance. Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, which was shortlisted this year, has been regarded as “the spokesperson for the chief image of Tianjin football” by Tianjin people. A Tianjin fan once wrote in the “Sports Weekly”, “For Tida, Tianjin fans really laughed at Really crying, he belongs to the eternal warm memory of a city, and it belongs to the memories that several generations of fans are unforgettable. “

What does a team mean for local and their local fans? “Football is an invisible force that can increase the cohesion of the entire city and promote urban development.” Hou Zhiqiang told China News Weekly. Professional teams can effectively enhance the vitality and popularity of the city. The formation of fans culture can also promote economic development.

Hou Zhiqiang once played with many teams such as Shandong Luneng. From the players, youth training coaches, China Super Assistant coaches to the director of the technology department, he accumulated the team’s operation management experience. At the end of 2017, he decided to “start a business” and go to the Zibo Cuju team as the head coach and general manager. For more than three years, he made many attempts in building football and urban stickiness.

Before the outbreak, after the end of the domestic league, Hou Zhiqiang and his colleagues went to some European countries to watch the game and learn the mature team operation methods in various places. In the Zibo Cuju team, Hou Zhiqiang and his colleagues also tried to open a restaurant at the stadium. The effect was unexpectedly good. Until the start of the game, the team buying hot dogs was still in line. In order to attract more people, they held many fans’ activities, such as a ball at home, and drawing a fan to receive a signature jersey or peripheral products. After the player scored, playing more than ten seconds on the stadium to drive everyone’s emotions. “In the first year, there were only two or three hundred venues. By 2020, our seat rate was far ahead of the Chinese teams, with nearly 7,000 people per game, and the most time was 16,100.”

Last year, due to the financial problems of investors, the Zibo Cuju team was custody by the Zibo Sports Bureau. On the day of the game, Hou Zhiqiang thought that the fans had been holding more than a year. If China A opened its home game this year, the average seat rate must be more than 20,000. But fantasy eventually burst. At the end of February this year, Sichuan Huacun reached an agreement with the original investment party to become a new investor in the club to host the team. Prior to this, Hou Zhiqiang was suddenly removed from the position of general manager and head coach. On March 22, 14 players with contracts were also “abandoned” by the club. Relevant staff told the team members on the phone, “This year, the Chinese League will not sign up for you. You can find a team by yourself.” Subsequently, the new investor formed a new team to train in Sichuan.

Hou Zhiqiang told “China News Weekly” that before they accumulated the foundation and culture of the fans in Zibo for 3 years, they would pass on the honor and disgrace and the spirit of the co -team, which would also disappear. The new investor helped the club to survive, but lost more intangible assets, which may be a kind of harm to fans, players and cities.

In order to prevent the tragedy of the Jiangsu team and the Liaoning team, in the past year, the Chinese Football Association has actively promoted the diversified reform of the equity structure of the football club. However, Ma Dexing, deputy editor -in -chief of the Sports Weekly, believes that it is only the reform of the equity structure and cannot solve the fundamental problem. He believes that the domestic club and the club company’s two concepts of the club company have led to a very embarrassing situation. Chinese professional clubs are directly based on the “enterprise or company”, and European and American professional clubs are first based on the “community” and then establish a company to participate in the professional league. The two completely different processes and properties determine the completely different fate of the Chinese and foreign clubs. In his opinion, a more reasonable way is that the local club should be a community -based institution registered with the civil affairs department. Here is a company that can be established to contract business development to the company. If one day is not good, it is the company that goes bankrupt, and the main body of the club will always be there.

For the Jiangsu team, the Suning Club announced that it would “not play”, and the entire Jiangsu football was played back to the origin. On the last day of the winter transfer window, Yang Xiaotian’s whistle completed the registration and officially joined Guangzhou City. He claimed that he rarely hung sadness and pain on his face, but before leaving Nanjing to Guangzhou, he didn’t control it and cried at the airport. That night, he posted a circle of friends: “8 years … more than 200 games, I have not reserved all of this team. I am not a Jiangsu born here, but I am the same I want to be called a “Jiangsu Child” by you. “

Editor on duty: Wang Lin

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