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The Su Gong competition Zhou Yuelong Xiao Guodong both stopped the top 16 of the Chinese legion out of the game


K-Wilson 4-2 Zhou Yuelong

In the early morning of December 2, Beijing time, the 4th game of the 2022 Snooker Scotland Open.The fourth match day is the “two -day two -round”, the first two periods are the second round of the match, and the second period in the second period is the third round of the match.On the same day, a total of 5 Chinese players played.As a result, Yan Bingtao, Tian Pengfei and Zhang Anda stopped in the second round, and Xiao Guodong and Zhou Yuelong stopped in the third round. At this point, the entire army of the Chinese Legion was overwhelmed.

The 2022 Snooker Scotland Open was held from November 28th to December 4th in the Meadowbank Sports Center in Edinburgh, Scotland.This is the sixth stop of the Snooker Tour of 2022/23 and the second stop of the “Local Series”.

A total of 128 people played a total of 64 qualifications, of which 46 were played during the qualifying competition (October 9-14), and another 18 delayed qualifications (the top 16 and card players in the world) will beStarting during the race.

Including two Chinese Hong Kong players, including Li Junwei and Wu Anyi, a total of 26 Chinese players participated in the qualification competition.Among them, Li Junwei, Wu Anyi, Fan Zhengyi, Zhao Xintong, Lei Peifan, Yan Bingtao, Li Xing and Bai Langning played in the game.


2022 Snooker Scotland Open, the 4th competition day, full fruit

The fourth match day is “one -day two rounds”, the first two periods are the second round of the game, and the second round is the third round of the game.On the same day, a total of 5 Chinese players played. Among them, Xiao Guodong doubled in one day, and the five people finally came out.

In the last eight games of the second round of the match, a total of 4 Chinese players appeared, of which only Xiao Guodong advanced to the third round.


Xiao Guodong 4-2 Tian Pengfei

In the only Chinese Derby, Xiao Guodong faced Tian Pengfei.During the competition, Tian Pengfei won two games with 53 points with 1 shot 53 points, 69 (53) -24 and 81-1, leading the score 2-0.However, since then, Xiao Guodong played 1 shot 70+, with 47-41, 73-63, 86 (78) -60 and 77-61 (53) 4 consecutive games. The large score of 4-2 reversed and advanced to the top 16.


Yan Bingtao 3-4 Hussein-Vofei

No. 15 seed Yan Bingtao played against Iranian player Hussein-Vafifer.During the competition, Wafei used 1 shot to break a hundred and 2 shots 60+, with 93 (61) -0, 73 (73) -2 and 101 (101) -0 winning 3-0 in a row.Point.However, after that, Yan Bingtao scored 1 shot of one hundred and 2 shots in a row 90+, and rescued 3 match points with 98 (98) -0, 111 (111) -17 and 134 (92) -0.-3 Ping.In the final game, Wafi won with 63 points with a single shot, winning 76 (63) -27, and broke into the top 16 with a large score of 4-3.


Zhang Anda 2-4 Sam Craigki

Zhang Anda faced England player Sam Craigki.In the game, Creig won 3 games with 62-14, 58-22 and 55-7, and scored 3-0 to get the game point.Although Zhang Anda rescued 2 match points with 68-20 and 62-2, in the sixth inning, the England scored 80 points in a single shot, winning a game with 81 (80) -0, a large score of 4-2, 4-2In the third round.

At this point, among the top 16, only Xiao Guodong and Zhou Yuelong were left.


Xiao Guodong 2-4 Jade Trump

In the third round of the match, Xiao Guodong’s opponent was No. 3 Seed Gard Trump.During the competition, Xiao Guodong won 2 games with 3 shots 60+, with 95 (95) -1 and 121 (60, 61) -5 first, and led a large score of 2-0.However, since then, Trump played a 60+ shot with 4 games with 79-34, 85 (69) -32, 64-26, and 84-32. The score was 4-2 reversed and promoted to the top 8.


K-Wilson 4-2 Zhou Yuelong

Zhou Yuelong played against the Seed 7 of the Run, “The strongest 90” K-Wilson.During the competition, Zhou Yuelong won the first game with 91 (91) -0 with a single shot.Subsequently, K-Wilson scored 2 shots and 60+, with 75 (69) -46, 102 (102) -0 and 100 (100) -0 consecutive pulls in 3 games.Point.In the fifth inning, Zhou Yuelong saved 1 match point with 58 (57) -14 with a single shot.However, in the sixth inning, K-Wilson played the third individual in the field, winning a game with 121 (117) -0, a large score of 4-2, and advanced to the top 8.At this point, all Chinese players have been eliminated.

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  1. The fruit reflects the actual level of China Snooker.Although there are occasional breakthroughs, it is generally weaker than Europe.This is especially true for long -term competitions.Still need to work hard.

  2. The Chinese Legion is strong or not, and it is not strong in encountering.

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