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The stone of other mountains: the five sets of the Korean Go League’s Five Disposes & Add the time per hand

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The reporter Xie Rui reported that the new season of the Korean Go League made a lot of eye -catching reforms, imitating the NBA partition competition, introducing five sets of winning games, 20 seconds per game, etc.These reforms are of great reference to the Chinese enclosure.

The Korean leagues are broadcast on TV, which is destined to perform a point at each game. The first three sets are available. If it is not 3-0, the fourth set is not performed.Once the battle is 2 to 2, the fifth set of victory is performed.The Chinese Siege of A League is 4 to 4 per game. One is specified as the main general. Once the lower will be 2 to 2, the Lord will win one party (2 points).The earliest implementation of the main general system is very necessary, because there are too few Chinese front players, and the master will increase the opportunity to learn and achieve mutual achievements.

Because the Lord is too valuable, it is generally said that one set of two plates, so the teams have to pay for high remuneration when hiring foreign aid, which leads to different rewards at home and abroad, which is criticized.Nowadays, the top 30 players in China can be regarded as the front players, and the victory and defeat of each other are very competitive, and the thickness advantage has been presented.Is there a soil in the main general system?

The cancellation of the general system and the implementation of 5 to 5 decisions will not increase the number of people and funds of the teams. At present, each team allows 6 players to participate in the competition. In fact, the staff are rich.In order to reduce the weight brought by the last strength and weakness, the winner may be set to 2 points, and the defeat is 0 points.The biggest advantage of this is to reduce the dependence of foreign aid owners, expand the players’ participation, and let more young players join the ranks of the Siege League.

Under the continuous expansion of the Chinese Siege League, 16 teams have been reached. If the double cycle is double -cycle, it is 30 rounds, and the schedule cannot be released at all.This is not impossible to imitate the NBA partition. Each district 8 teams still play 14 rounds of double -loop competitions, and then playoffs are played.It is not only the playoffs for the championship. The relegation area should be unnecessary, and today’s relegation zone can be relegated only in the last round, and there are obviously there is a top -level design vulnerability.Yes, ensure the gold content of the playoffs.

The overtime system is a great weapon to prevent cheating, and you can learn from it.There are 1 game of slow chess (40 minutes+20 seconds per hand) in each game of the Korean league, 3 innings for fast chess (20 minutes+20 seconds per hand), 1 minute of super fast chess (1 minute+per hand chessAdd 20 seconds).Cancel the courses and introduce overtime.The biggest disadvantage of the courses is that if each chess is in the last second, this game is almost endless, and the consumption is too long.

The biggest advantage of an extra time is that time becomes valuable.Similar to Li Qincheng’s nine -stage fast knife, if you don’t spend 20 seconds for each chess chess, then he will use more and more time. On the contrary, the chess player like “Slow Langzhong” is a bit strenuous.On December 31st, the fourth game of the Korean Go League, in the fourth game of the Korean Go League, the nine sections of the Xiang Xiang faced the eight -stage of Park Mincui.

The reserved time is only 20 minutes and 40 minutes, and then the speed of each chess is to fight. Even if there are countless models of super fast chess on the Internet, the first show of this league is out of time.The speed is no different. The extra time is your own. On the contrary, it will take timeout if it is not enough.Under the urging time when using, who has the time to go to the bathroom, and then there will be a few minutes or even more suspected cheating?

The toilet is the source of AI cheating in all competitions. If you can’t even go to the bathroom, you can prevent cheating from the source.At present, the biggest urgency is not the victory or defeat, but the negative impact of eliminating AI cheating.

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