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The State General Administration of Sport will carry out the national fitness volunteer service theme demonstration activities

In recent years, my country ’s national fitness volunteer service activities have blossomed everywhere. Many volunteer service organizations and groups focus on the needs of national fitness, and practice the spirit of voluntary service of dedication, love, mutual assistance, and progress. It has played an important role in volunteer services in national fitness activities, strengthened the masses’ awareness of sports and fitness, and also helped the national fitness cause booming.

December 5 this year is the 37th “International Volunteer Day”. In order to better lead the local and local localities to carry out various formal fitness volunteers in combination with actual situations, send the national health concepts, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness skills, etc. to the masses, helping to form fitness, participate in fitness, and pursue in the whole society. In a good environment and atmosphere of a healthy and civilized lifestyle, the Department of Mass Sports of the State General Administration of Sport will then carry out demonstration activities for national fitness volunteer service themes.

It is understood that the theme of this year’s International Volunteer Day event is “Scientific Fitness · Volunteer Service Accompany you”. In order to practice the theme of the activity, the Health Qigong Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, the Social Sports Guidance Center, and the organization organized by the Jiangsu Sports Bureau to help rural revitalization, scientific fitness public welfare video promotion exhibition, walking grass -roots health service activities, etc. The event, launching various national volunteers to carry out various types of national fitness volunteer service activities in the past and after international volunteers, creating a strong atmosphere of national fitness volunteer for international volunteers.

From December 1st to 6th, Health Qigong will help rural revitalization volunteer service activities will be carried out in Zhejiang, Tianjin, Qinghai and other provinces and cities. The event will provide the masses with the development of Health Qigong training, Health Qigong competition show and exchange of health Qigong knowledge activities. ; From December 2nd to 6th, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province will hold a grassroots -level and healthy national fitness volunteer service activity to play a leading role of social sports instructor and enhance the skills of participating in the health Qigong and square dance project of the masses. In addition, the masses of the masses You can also watch scientific fitness public welfare video promotion exhibitions online. From December 4th to 30th, a number of new media platforms such as the State General Administration of Sports and the National Fitness Information Service Platform will carry out the “Sports System Chronic Disease Sports Prescription” scientific fitness public welfare promotion video exhibition. In addition, more than 500 national fitness volunteer service activities across the country were held during this period.

The demonstration activities organized in many places will lead the various localities of the country to carry out various formal fitness volunteers in combination with actual situations. Based on the local epidemic prevention and control forms, localities strictly implement prevention and control measures and safety responsibilities. After local scientific research and judgment, adopt a combination of online and offline, in -depth into the community, rural, schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions, etc. Scientific fitness video exhibition, scientific fitness lecture hall, fitness skills sending grassroots, physical and health convergence free clinics, distribution of science publicity pages and other forms, actively coordinate the new era civilization practice center, social sports instructor associations at all levels, all kinds of national fitness fitness Volunteer service teams, send the national health concept, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness skills, etc. to the masses, attract more people to participate in national fitness, and create an active and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The National Sports Department Group Division will fully tap the good practices and good experiences formed by various places and units in promoting the construction of the volunteer team and carrying out volunteer service practice, and launch and promote a group of excellent excellence in the welcoming, influential and powerful power of the masses The National Fitness Volunteer Service Project, summarize the results of the work and advanced experience of the national fitness volunteer service, strengthen the typical demonstration role, enhance the influence of national fitness volunteer service activities, promote the sustainable and healthy development of national fitness volunteers and form a long -term mechanism, help build more High -level national fitness public service system.

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