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The Spanish Football Association official Xuanxin handsome as the former U21 coach Fanet served

On Thursday, the Spanish Football Association also announced the candidate of the new coach after the get out of class was announced. The former U21 national coach Fente was the coach.

Funte is 61 years old. During the player, he played for the teams such as Atletico Bilbao, Sevilla, Alvis and other pairs.U21 Ou Youth Championship.

Funte has cooperated with many young players in the Spanish team, and he led the team to quickly integrate into the team.

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  1. Support Fu Shuai

  2. Enrik is revenge on Real Madrid.

  3. Zidane is waiting to take over Dishang …

  4. Qi Zu dare to sign a post

  5. The coach of the young team is completely younger and not the two giants.More justice

  6. Players who like Barcelona style … Many times do not want Real Madrid players …

  7. Is there no one in Spain?

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