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The Sony Open Jin Shiyuan reversed the fourth crown of the US tour, Yuan Yichun T21


Jin Shiyuan holds the cup

On January 16th, Beijing time, South Korean player Kim Shiyuan won the power from Joan Ram to win the sentry championship. Hawaii time on Sunday at the Waialae Country Club (Waialae Country Club), it reversed the second consecutive 64 consecutive shot.Open.

Kim Shiyuan lags 3 shots on the last day and is located in the fifth place.Starting from Cave 6, he has experienced some ups and downs and surrendered 32 shots.

The Koreans caught 3 birds in the post -Jiu Dong, especially the most important thing. He cut a 28 -foot cutting pole from the long grass outside the green, caught a wonderful bird.Hayden Buckley was tied, and the latter was just pushed into a 16-foot bird push on the 16th hole.

In the last hole, Kim Shiyuan directly hit the Ridge from 236 yards, leaving a 42-foot eagle push. He pushed to the entrance of the cave and caught the dead bird, and then had to wait for Heiden Buckley to finish.Jin Shiyuan’s four-wheeled score was 262 (67-67-64-64), and 18 was lower than the standard pole. When he was preparing to extend the game, he heard the good news of his fourth US tour.

Heiden Buckley has not been hit at the 18th hole. He was sent to the long grass on the right, leaving 72 feet left, and he left a 12-foot push pole for himself.68 shot, the four-wheeled score of 263 (67-64-64-68), lower than the standard rod 17.Without the first victory of the US Tour, Heiden Barkley only won the best place for individuals in the US tour: runner-up.

Kim Shiyuan just got married last month and did not win last year.He entered the Presidential Cup International Team. Although he was defeated by the US team again, he himself scored 3 points. Among them, the single played the finals and won the Justin Thomas.After the game, he admits that the disadvantage of 3 shots may disappear very quickly. Last week, Joan Ram chased from 7 shots behind Corinthon, and it was a good example.

The last hole of Chris Kirk, a prior to 36 Cave, also caught the dead bird, scored 68, 265 (64-65-68-68), 15th than the standard pole, ranked third in the third place, ranking third place third place.Essence

Andrew Putnam 68, David Lipsky 69, 69 Ben Taylor, 366, 146, 14, and parallel.Located in the fourth place.

Yuan Yichun pushed the 27 -foot push rod on the No. 2 hole, pushed into a 19 -foot push rod on the No. 3 Hole, and continued to catch the birds to start, but there was also a mistake in the game.Push the birds, hit 68 shots, 269 (70-65-66-68), below the standard rot 11, and are located at 21 bits.

Yu Junan caught 5 birds -including the No. 9 Hole pushed into 31 feet long push and caught the third bird -swallowed 3 Bai Taber, and also scored 68 shots, and was ranked 21st with Yuan Yichun.

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    On the last hole on the third day, the bird became a babies, which was two shots. The two shots were the championship. Unfortunately, it is the twelfth of the tie by one pole.Fifth, unfortunately, come on!

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