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The son of the British Town Sheriff wants to “add money” Belinsham

“The Dusk of the Gods”!

This is the media label to the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Suarez, the memory of a generation may die in Qatar’s desert, replacing them will rise.

The English team with the world’s top drummer, the second day of the World Cup, used the youth storm to attract the world’s attention.

Belinbeum, 19, and 145 days old, is no longer just a thinner of the European Championship beyond last year, but has become the master on the field. He appeared in every corner and scored the first goal of 6-2 “Holocaust” for England.

Players who can score goals are expensive at any time, and players who can defend in the midfielder, and they can also score up and down, are scarce.

But do you know that this post -00 guy spent 21 million pounds 2 years ago, from a 14th consecutive British champion team from a continuously downgrade. Now, he has played nearly 80 Bundesliga and 15 national team competitions, floating as high as 130 million pounds.

When he scored the first goal of the World Cup for England, he had another line of words under his name -to add money!

Belinham was born in a small town of glass and old train -Stuulbrid, a small town of glass and an old train in Samidlanz County, England. His father is a sheriff.

It was only a few kilometers away from Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, so when he was 7 years old (Belinshdodmund joined the interview that it was this age), Belinsham entered Birmingham’s youth training camp and began to play football.

According to the coach Pop Clort, due to Belinbeum’s strength and flexibility, he was initially arranged to hit the striker and then turned into a winger, and gradually retreated to the midfield as a defensive barrier.

At the age of 15, Belinsham was promoted to the club’s U23 reserve team to play.

Because the 2018-2019 season represents England U16 and scored 3 goals, he soon received the attention of many big clubs. There are even foreign scouts who flew here to see his low -level competitions, and inspect this thin young man.

It was also in this year that Belinbe was brought into the manager’s office of Birmingham team and got the first training contract. At that time, he could get the training salary of 145 pounds from the club every week. Signing the junior contract.

On August 25, 2019, Belinsham appeared in the team’s 0-3 game of Swansea 0-3, and completed the Bonestyle Show of the Adult Team of England. At that time, he was 16 -year -old and 38 days old, surpassing the 169 -year -old Birmingham team’s youngest appearance record for Francis in 1970.

From the 2019 to 2020 season, Belinsham played 41 out on behalf of Birmingham and had 4 goals. His teammates include the former captain of England, Runi, who is twice as older than him.

At the end of the season, Birmingham was endlessly relegated for 14 consecutive games. At this time, in recent years, Dortmund, who has been digging the Premier League and returning to the large price after training, has brought a contract for a transfer fee of up to 21 million pounds and making Birmingham unable to refuse.

When the Hornet’s director, Zorke explained the investment at the time: “Although Belinsham is young, he has huge potential, and we have regarded it as a supplement to the professional lineup.”

Cultivating young people in the Bundesliga is difficult to sell at a high price in the international market.

However, buying young people in England can be returned against the output and sold to the wealthy Premier League clubs. This is the most practical wealth password of Dormond in recent years.

It should be known that the total revenue of Dortmund in the 2019-2020 season is 370 million euros, and the team’s net loss has reached 43.9 million euros. £ 21 million to buy a young player of the British crown -level team is not a striker, this is not a small number.

But obviously Dortmund’s operating departments and scouts have enough confidence in the young England young people, and they signed a 5 -year -old contract with Belinsham.

In November last year, in the Tuttosport’s golden boy election, Belinsham ranked second in Tomorrow’s star Pedrich in the midfielder of Barcelona. I believe people will see Pedric’s light in the match against Costa Rica on Thursday.

In the two and a half years of grinding in the Bundesliga, Belinsham showed enough hardness.

In the Champions League in the 2020-2021 season, Belinsham, which is inserted, performed well. In the German Cup, he and his teammates defeated Rypzh’s Red Bull to win the championship.

Last season, he won more than 400 victories in a 1 -to -1 confrontation, which is Dortmund’s well -deserved iron waist. In addition to being fined 40,000 euros because of losing to Bayern, Belinsham really increased his value in the Bundesliga.

In 2021, Belinsham, who appeared on behalf of the English National Team, became the youngest player in the European Championship final. One year later, he grew up in order to let the idol Gerald praised the big figure in the broadcast.

Sky Sports said: “The staffing of Sosgate’s staff is familiar. Compared with the team in Italy last year’s European Cup final, only two changes have been made, but these changes are proven to be transformed. . Belinsham and Bukaro-Saka added young charm to the team, and set the tone for England’s vibrant performance. “

“Belinsham has done everything for the team, and he also participated in everything. The 95 -time touch of the game, he successfully set up a bridge between the midfield and the offense, and this is the By English team’s past What is often lacking. The teenager is almost flawless in controlling the ball, and he shows England’s dominance. “After playing the highest score of Belinham, ESPN raised the giants to the 19th 19th to the 19th. The price of the year for the competition. Although Liverpool has been talking about it, Real Madrid is obviously interested in this talented midfielder.

Just 6 hours before England against Iran, an article about Liverpool’s article on Liverpool was still discussing Liverpool’s possibility of exchanging Belinsham in cash+players. But Dortmund does not want to be stuffed semi -finished products that have to pay.

Their ideas are simple, as long as the money is, now the money!

The better Belinsham’s performance, the more money it will be.

The 73 million pound of Jendon Sanqiao, who originally thought that from Dortmund to the Premier League, could make a ruler for Belinsham. But now it seems that 87 million pounds are not enough.

Dortmund, who is doing business, is constantly being released from Real Madrid to join the possibility of competing and confirming the psychological price at 130 million pounds. This is almost six times that they take Bermham from Biringham two years ago.

One of Belinham’s agent negotiated representative, “This is not a secret, see Real Madrid’s midfielder. How long can Modric can play? How long can Tony Cross still play? Think about Fedrich. What kind of midfielder will Kocwa and Edward-Camen and Belinsham make up. “

Dear, add money!

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  1. Dortmund may be almost Bayern in football results. It is said that it is not inferior to doing business. Look at the previous Sang Qiao, Harland, etc. and the current Belinsham.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

  2. The star I have been optimistic about Saka. Since the first time he watched him, he felt that Saka was different.

  3. Sang Qiao was so blowing at the time

  4. It seemed to be a Brazilian!||..

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