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The sixth round of LPGA Qualification Exam Zhang Weifei T12 Yan Jing T42 Wang Xinying T59


Zhang Weifei (Data Map)

On December 10, Beijing time, the second round of the LPGA Qualification School Exam was ended in the second round of the oak trees in the highland.German player ISI Gabsa caught 8 birds, scratched 64 shots, 8 shots below the standard pole, and rushed to the top list.

The six-wheeled score of Ise Garbusa was 407 (72-72-66-66-67-64), which was 23 below the standard pole, and achieved 4 leads.

Another German player Aline Kraute made 62 shots yesterday. Today, 67 shots were handed over., 69) are located in the second place.Their six rounds were 411, which was lower than the standard pole.

The Asia-Pacific Women’s Amateur Championships, Natthakritta Vongtavelap (Natthakritta Vongtavelap), played 68, and then lags 1 shot. It is located in the fifth place with Canadian girl Maddie Szeryk (68).

Chinese player Zhang Weifei caught 8 birds, swallowed 2 cypresses, scored 66 shots, ranked to 12th in six rounds, 415 shots in six rounds (72-71-70-67-69-66), lower than the standard pole 15Ring.

A total of 75 players take the second week of exams, and they will win 45 LPGA entry cards.Yan Jing is currently online.She caught 3 birds, swallowed 1 cypress, and scored 70 rotes in the second round, with 422 (72-71-69-70-70-70), 8th than the standard pole, and was located at 42 42Pass.

Wang Xin welcomed the six rounds of 425 (71-70-71-70-71-71-72), which was lower than the standard pole, and was located at 59 bits. The last two rounds must be sprinted.

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