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The sentinel champion Sisher won the top three can be turned over in the front of Mai Liang



On January 4th, Beijing time, McCroy kicked off again next time, he may not be the world’s number one.

Because McRur gave up this week’s sentry championship, the world’s second Scott Sherle may come back and surpass him.

According to Twitter’s world ranking NOSFERATU, Scott Schiffler can return to the world’s first if he gets a third and better rankings.

Although there were only 39 players in Hawaii, if it was not the 2022 US Tour Championship, if it was not the top 30 players at the end of the season, there were many world points on this stop.

Cortie Sherry won four times last year, including the Great Slam victory in the American Masters.But since McLouri’s winning the Higher Cup in October, he has not returned to the world’s first place.

Last year, the world was the first to change hands 3 times.At the beginning of the new year, Joan Ram was the first in the world.However, in March, Scofe Sherry won the World Championships-Dell Technology World Combine.

McRour used the only opportunity to absent from the top of the US Tour.His first stop in 2023 should be the European Tour of this month: Dubai Desert Elite, and the first stop of the US Tour may be the WM Phoenix City Open next month, another top race.

Scottis Sherry is the leader of the sentry championship.This competition includes the top 20 players in the world, only McRur (first), Cameron Smith (third), and Shane Lowry (20th).

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