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The sentinel champion Sairam’s big reversal winning the champion Morikawa Second Shevler T7

On Sunday, January 9, Beijing time, the Spanish star Joan Ram played 63 shots at the Caparov Pyrama Stadium, caught up from later, won the sentry championship, and achieved amazing reversal victory.

At the beginning of the Joan Ram finals, the leader Colin-Morikawa was ranked in the fifth place. He did not swallow the Bali bogey in the No. 1 hole, and it looked farther away from the champion.But from there, he had no mistake again. The first nine caves caught 5 birds, including the No. 4 Cave push into a 21 -foot bird push.

After turning the venue, Ram caught three birds from the 12th hole, and in the 15th hole, the second pole of the five -rod hole hit 12 feet, and shot the eagle.

Joan Ram said it was at that moment, and he felt likely he might win.He pushed the birds again in the long grass on the left side of the last hole, and completed the catch-up throughout the day. The four rounds scored 265 (64-71-67-63), and 27 were lower than the standard pole.The American Tour victory.

The Corinth Senchuan finals led 6 shots, caught 3 birds in the first six holes, and looked good. I did n’t want to swallow 3 cypress taboos from the 14th hole.In fact, there is actually no hope of winning the championship.End the hole in the long grass on the left and harvested 10 feet of birds, but only 72 shots were scored, and the four-wheeled score was 267 (64-66-65-72), which was lower than the standard pole., Rank second.

Colin Morikawa is the eighth in the history of the US Tour to lose 6 leading players in the last round.The previous one was Cedastine-Johnson (2017 World Championship-HSBC Championship).

This victory must make up for Joan Ram.He has twice ranked second in Caparuva before this week.Last year, he played-33 shots, but he still bears in Cameron Smith because of one shot.When Joan Ram started 2022, he was still the world’s number one player. He admitted that he was struggling on the swing throughout the year, but at the end of the year, he won two victories on the European tour: the Spanish Open and the DP World Tourchampionship.Now that he won the championship again, it may indicate that in the new year, he will sprint against the world again.

Tom Hoge experienced the twists and turns during the transfer, and also made a good number of rods: 64, tied with Max Homa in the third place with a score of 269, which is lower than the standard pole23.Max Homa hit the holes directly into the cave and shot the eagle in addition to 102 yards, and 66 shots.

South Korean player Kim Chuan 68, J.J.J.J. Spaun 69, the two were 270, 22 below the standard pole, and were located in fifth place.

In the last round of the American Masters Champion Scooti, he ranked second. He caught two birds in the last three holes, scored 70 shots, 271 rot four rounds, 21st than the standard pole, and ranked in the seventh.Pass.This means that he cannot shake McRur’s world’s first place this week.

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  1. 6 shots, remembered the Great White Shark in Augusta [Haha]

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