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The second stage of the CBA schedule is announced: Liaoning and Guangdong War arrangements on the last day

On November 19th, Beijing time, the CBA Alliance officially announced the second stage of the regular season.On the first day of Shanghai against Shanxi, Liaoning played against Beicha.

The second stage of the CBA regular season will be held in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province on December 6th, and continue to adopt the competition system.Last season, the All-Star Weekend was also adjusted to December 1-3, 2022 at the Gymnasium of Zhuji City and Yang College of Zhejiang Province.

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  1. Whether or not deliberately arrangements should have been removed for a long time. Such a team does not put national interests at the forefront, and the CBA family does not need such a team.

  2. The Guangdong team is really very difficult, congratulations to the Liaoning team to win the championship again.

  3. Liaoning-Guangdong on December 14; January 18, Guangdong-Liaoning. Why only arrange the last day?

  4. Even if the schedule is dense, everyone is the same, all fair. But starting in advance, it is unfair to the players who go to the national team! Only if you are so treacherous, you will calculate others without your brains. You want to deal with others with a good job. Unfortunately, only you will calculate like this. From the Basketball Association, CBA, to real fans, they will not recommend this in advance.

  5. The champion is nothing! Remember that Allen was crying on the spot [Tears]

  6. Where is the self -confidence of your low IQ from you? Extremely despise you and no longer reply.

  7. You really dirty Liao [Twist]

  8. I only care about whether the players of the running team have the opportunity to escape next time, or what is the reason for the escape.

  9. 11: 2, plus eight sub -!

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