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The second class of the elderly is 1.7 million to calm her son to go to redeem the prize

On the evening of November 12, the results of the 22129th 9th of the Super Lotto announced that the winning number was “10, 17, 23, 34, 35+01, 04”. The 2211011403 Sports Lottery sales point came down from the photo studio of the photo building of Baicheng City. Note the third prize with a total of 1.708 million yuan. On the afternoon of November 14, Mr. Zhou came to the Jilin Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center to go through the re -prize procedures.

According to Mr. Zhou, the winning prize was actually his father, and Mr. Zhou only received the prize on his behalf. “After my father retired, he had a lot of leisure time, so he often gathered together with other retired colleagues to play chess and study the trend chart of Big Lotto.” It is a super lottery. There are not many amounts bought each time, a few dollars, and more than a dozen dollars.

Mr. Zhou said with a smile that his father immediately called him a notice call after he learned that he won the prize. “After picking up the phone, my father’s first sentence was” I won the prize. Bar ‘. He was particularly calm at that time. I thought he was joking with me. Later, I believed it when I saw the lottery. “

Little dream, big music. Da Le used the surprise of winning the prize to give back to the lottery who loved it and supported it to help them realize their dreams in their hearts. Buying a sports lottery itself is also a kind of public welfare act. As a national public welfare lottery, sports lottery uses the caring lottery to gather sports lottery public welfare funds to help the development of public welfare and sports.

Every time you buy a lottery, you are dedicated. Public welfare, let love pass! Persist in contributing to the public welfare cause, maybe the next luck will spend your house!

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