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The second AFC Champions League exit team in the second AFC Champions League is brewing

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At 22:00 on June 23, Beijing time, the 2021th AFC Champions League play match, Audamez scored the only goal in the game, Shanghai Harbor lost 0-1 to the Philippine team Caya FC, and missed the AFC Champions League. Only Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou team participated in this AFC Champions League.

Kaya FC is a Filipino club with a history of 25 years, but they have not even played the AFC Champions League qualifier, let alone the game. After eliminating Shanghai Harbor this time, they directly entered the AFC Champions League Group F, which was in the same group as the Koshan Modern, Thailand’s Bangkok Glass and Vietnamese team.

This is the first time that Shanghai Harbor has been in the AFC Champions League for the first time since 2016.

Originally, Shanghai Harbor ranked 4th in the Super League last season, but after the top 4 of Shandong, Shandong Tarzan won the FA Cup championship, and the Shanghai Port Harbor was not even qualified to qualify for the AFC Champions League. Later, because the AFC Champions League was eligible for the AFC Champions League, the AFC Champions League’s playoffs in Shanghai Harbor lost their qualifications. Just sending the second team to play the Philippine team, Shanghai Harbor was still out.

Before this campaign, only one team in the history of the Chinese Super League came out in the AFC Champions League, which was Shanghai Shenhua, who lost to the Australian team Bridbane’s lion at 0-2 in 2017. Now, Shanghai Harbor has become the second AFC Champions League team.

Last season’s Super AFC Champions League results, Shenhua and Evergrande groups came out, the top 16 of Shanghai Port, and the top 8 of Guoan; this season only the AFC Champions League is only Guoan and Evergrande. They sent the reserve team to participate. Create the worst results of the Chinese Super League team to participate in the AFC Champions League.

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