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The same set: Argentine ball half/two wins the Netherlands half/one plate to lose

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The start time against Initial The main team on the way The guest team’s way
21:00 (Monday) 01 England vs Iran one/ball half www WL-
22nd 00:00 (Tuesday) 02 Senegal vs Dutch Half/one lwl lll
22nd day 03:00 (Tuesday) 03 American vs VS Wales flat hand dlw lww
22nd 18:00 (Tuesday) 04 Argentine vs Saudi Arabia ball half/two www ww-
22nd day 21:00 (Tuesday) 05 Denmark vs Tunisia one goal dwl wwl
23rd 00:00 (Wednesday) 06 Mexican vs Polish flat hand lll wdl
23rd 03:00 (Wednesday) 07 French VS Australia ball half/two wlw wll
23rd 18:00 (Wednesday) 08 Morocco vs Croatia Hemisphere lww lww
23rd 21:00 (Wednesday) 09 German vs Japan one/ball half lll www
24th 00:00 (Thursday) 10 Spain VS Costa Rica ball half WLL wwl
24:00 on the 24th (Thursday) 11 Belgium VS Canada ball half lwl wwl
21:00 on the 24th (Thursday) 12 Uruguay vs South Korea half/one wlw L-
25th 00:00 (Friday) 13 Portuguese VS Ghana one goal ldw ddw
25th 03:00 (Friday) 14 Brazil VS Serbia One goal dwd WDL
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