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The same market: Bocheng has won the same level in the past three times and won the Paris deep market. The trend is not good

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The start time against Initial The main team on the way The guest team’s way
07 07:00 (Saturday) 01 Manchester United vs Everton one goal lll lll
07 07 01:30 (Saturday) 02 Elche vs Selta Hemisphere lll lll
07 07:00 (Saturday) 03 Valencia vs plus one goal ldd wlw
07 07 (Saturday) 04 Glerno Bill vs Nim flat/half lww wwl
07 07 (Saturday) 05 Paris FC vs Walan Xiene Hemisphere lll wlw
07 07 (Saturday) 06 wave city VS Montpelli flat/half www wlw
07 07 (Saturday) 07 Strasbourg vs Ang Hot reciprocate/half llw lww
07 07:00 (Saturday) 08 Saturu vs Paris Saint -Germain Two goals and half llw
07 07 (Saturday) 09 Twitter vs Emmen half/one wwl lwl
07 07 (Saturday) 10 William II VS Roda JC flat/half LWW www
07 07 (Saturday) 11 Zwler VS Almeler City half/one wwl www
07 07 (Saturday) 12 Os VS Telsda flat/half wlw wlw
07 07 (Saturday) 13 Dodler’s Hague flat hand lww llw
07 07 (Saturday) 14 Aja Youth vs FC Eindhoven

llw wlw
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