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The same market: Argentine hemisphere is strong in English, and all losses

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The start time against Initial The main team on the way The guest team’s way
09th 23:00 (Friday) 01 Croatia vs Brazil A/half a half lww lww
10th 03:00 (Saturday) 02 Dutch VS Argentina Hemisphere www www
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 03 Morocco vs Portugal Half/one lww wlw
11th 03:00 (Sunday) 04 England vs France

lll wwl
10th 20:00 (Saturday) 05 Blackben vs Preston flat/half wwl wlw
10th 20:30 (Saturday) 06 Rosham vs Bristol City flat/half lwl WLL
10th 22:00 (Saturday) 07 Readin vs test flat/half lww www
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 08 Swani vs Novic

lwl lwl
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 09 Stock City vs Cardiff City Hemisphere lll wlw
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 10 Sheffield vs Hudsfield one/ball half LLW wll
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 11 Milwall vs Vegang Atletico Hemisphere lww lwl
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 12 Midelsburg VS Luton flat/half wwl llw
10th 23:00 (Saturday) 13 Blackpoo vs Birmingham flat hand lww ddw
10th 20:30 (Saturday) 14 Ipsvich VS Petersburg Ledu half/one wwl lll
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