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The same game: Liverpool has lost West Ham in the past three times and half of the West Ham.

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The start time against Initial The main team on the way The guest team’s way
07 20:30 (Saturday) 01 Tottenham VS Puzmouth two/two goals and a half wlw
07 20:30 (Saturday) 02 Crystal Palace VS Southampton Hemisphere lwl lll
07 23:00 (Saturday) 03 Bernemouth VS Bernley

lww lwl
07 23:00 (Saturday) 04 Blackpoo vs Nottingham Forest Hemisphere lww lll
07 23:00 (Saturday) 05 Herx VS Fulham one goal lww wwl
08 01:30 (Sunday) 06 Brent Ford VS West Ham United flat hand dwl ddd
08 02:00 (Sunday) 07 Xie Wednesday VS Newcastle Liana A ball ddl ldw
08 04:00 (Sunday) 08 Liverpool VS Wolves ball half lll llw
07 22:00 (Saturday) 09 Florence vs Sassolo half/one lwl lll
08 01:00 (Sunday) 10 Juventus vs Udnes Half/one WLL wwl
08 03:45 (Sunday) 11 Monza VS Inter A ball ddl wlw
07 23:15 (Saturday) 12 Villarreal VS Real Madrid flat/half www lwl
08 01:30 (Sunday) 13 Malo Card VS Paradolid Hemisphere wlw lll
08 04:00 (Sunday) 14 Spanish VS Gren flat/half lll llw
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