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The RSM Elite Tournament, Hammer, and three people ahead of Dou Zecheng T28 Yuan Yichun advanced


Dou Zecheng

On November 19th, Beijing time, Cole Hammer, who graduated from the University of Texas University, caught 4 birds at the last 10 holes at the coastal stadium of the island resort, 66 shots, 4 shots below the standard rod, continued It is the top spot in the RSM Classic.

However, Harry Higgs caught 7 birds in the same stadium and handed over 63 shots; Andrew Putnam (Andrew Putnam) scored 65 shots at the plantation court, double-tied science and tie the subject. Er Hammer.

The two rounds of the three players were 130, which was 12 below the standard pole.

The RSM elite is held in the two stadiums of the island resort, and the difficulty of the coastal court is higher than the planting garden stadium. After a group of players eliminated today, everyone will play two rounds of events on weekends at the Binhai Stadium.

Joel Dahmen caught 8 birds in the plantation, scratching 64 shots, and 67 shot by Beau Hossler. Sahith theegala (Sahith Theegala) made 63 shots on the coastal stadium. The three players were 131, lower than the standard rod 11, and were in the fourth place, only 1st.

Dou Zicheng, Yuan Yichun, Yu Junan, Wu Yiyuan, and Wu Delun all successfully advanced. Dou Zecheng set off from the nine holes behind the Binhai Stadium. He cut into a 26-foot cutter at the No. 7 hole and caught the eagle, hit 67, and 136 (69-67) in two rounds, 6 shots below the standard pole, and 28-bit.

The remaining players are all pressure lines: 138, and the standard rod is promoted lower than the standard pole. Yu Junan’s performance was the most shiny. Yesterday, he scored 72 shots at the Binhai Stadium. Today, 2 eagles were shot under the three holes of the plantation garden.

Yuan Yichun caught 3 birds in a row at the coastal stadium, and 68 shots were scratched, and they were the same as Wu Yiyuan and Wu Delun.

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