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The row of Hebei Men’s Volleyball Team 3-0 Liaoning to win the 9th victory in Shenzhen Fujian


Shenzhen Men’s Volleyball Team

On the evening of November 21, Beijing time, the first stage of the first stage of the Chinese men’s volleyball super league in the 2022-2023 season ended the 2nd match day and the 13th round of the season at the end of the Qinhuangdao of Hebei.In the absence of the launch of the unattended foreign aid, Hebei Baoding still won Liaoning East Chemical 3-0 and won the ninth victory of the season;Field; Fujian Pingtan 3-0 lightly pick up Hubei Huangshi Group to increase the victory of the season to 2 games.

2022-2023 season Chinese men’s volleyball super league first stage F Group F, 13th round, complete results as follows:

Hebei Baoding Woli 3-0 victory over Liaoning Donghua (25-20, 25-21, 25-14)

Shenzhen Baoan Ming Jinhai 3-0 Sheng Yunnan University Dianchi Lake College (25-12, 25-15, 25-22)

Fujian Pingtan 3-0 victory over Hubei Huangshidong Chu Group (25-21, 25-19, 25-19)

2022-2023 season Chinese men’s volleyball super league first stage F Group F, 14th round competition schedule as follows:

November 22

14:30 Liaoning Donghua VS Hubei Huangshi Dongchu Group

17:00 Hebei Baoding Woli VS Shenzhen Baoan Ming Jinhai

19:30 Yunnan University Dianchi College VS Fujian Pingtan

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  1. Hebei cheer![Chinese praise]

  2. The three foreign aids invited by Hebei this year are indeed very helpful to the Hebei team.

  3. How did the Hebei team make great progress?

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