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The referees of the China Steel Pipe Dance Championship have defeated the stress on behalf of the Ming Dynasty

In October of this year, the Ninth China Steel Pipe Dance Championship was held at the Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theater. This year’s championship was authorized by the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation and hosted by the rod culture. As the highest hall of competitive steel pipe dance in China, it is also the only platform for the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation to understand Chinese steel pipe dance, which has attracted first -class players in the country to gather together to compete in the same field, bringing a visual feast of strength and beauty; inviting top domestic steel pipe dance dance The person is the judge.

On behalf of Yuming, in 2008, he entered the steel pipe dance industry. As a dancer who promoted the male steel pipe dance movement earlier, he had suffered a lot of pressure in the early days, but he did not give up steel pipe dance. The players arrived at the coach, from the coach to the judge, and went all the way. They never stopped. In 2021, they were hired as members of the Ninth China Steel Pipe Dance Championships. Athletes communicate, transmit energy, and spread the industry culture.

The China Steel Pipe Dance Championship is the parent competition of the national steel pipe dance enthusiasts. It is also a parent competition of Teacher Ming. Here is like his home. He loves steel pipe dance and also witnessed the continuous movement of steel pipe dance culture. Today, he is working with everyone to promote the development of steel pipe dance and empty dance.


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