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The referee summarized by the Chinese Super League: The most difficult to exceed 100 adjustment plans in the history

Reporter Jia Yanfeng reported that the referee management and selection work of each season is the top priority of the Super League. Therefore, under the premise of continuous adjustment of the game location and schedule in 2022The referee department of the preparatory team of the China Football Union cooperated together to ensure the integrity of the event to the greatest extent and ensure the complete operation of the season.

In order to understand and master the latest rules and referee information of the FIFA, and improve the overall business level of the Chinese Football Association’s referee technical lecturers, the Chinese Football Association’s Erganic Committee and the Military Department organized the Chinese Football Association’s referee technical lecturer line on March 12, 2022 and 13, 2022.On continuing education and training, the training content includes a special lecture on the referee business, the explanation of the uniform standard of the Chinese Football Association 2022 referee, and the interpretation of the “Measures for the Training and Management Measures of the Referee Technical Lecturer and Management Measures”.After receiving the training, these referee technical lecturers, in the business exchanges before and during the middle of the season, have carried out learning and standards of referee law enforcement related rules and standards of the Super League, China A, China B, and U21 League -Unity is the focus of the law enforcement work of each annual referee, and it is also difficult.

Since the second stage, the Chinese Super League has resumed the game system to the main and away away system. This was the norm of the league, but under the influence of the epidemic, this brought many difficulties to the referees’ travel and law enforcement.Therefore, after the first phase of the first stage, the Judge Office of the China -Football Preparatory Team organized a summary and training meeting to hold a summary and training meeting to make detailed in details of the referee, referee running, red and yellow card data, etc.Explaining and feedback, in order to further unify the scale of penalties, combine the first stage of enforcement related video cases and the opinions of the Chinese Football Association’s signs of the Chinese Football Association, the lecturer will analyze the first stage of the Super League, China A event and key jurisprudence in the conference to participate in the conference.The personnel also fully participated in the discussion and did a lot of solid work for the second stage to further strengthen the concept of unified standards.

At the same time, Yang Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Chinese Football Association’s Society, Liu Tiejun, head of the Chinese Football Association’s referee, and Huo Weiming, the head of the referee office of the China Football Union preparatory team, awarded more than 100 in the main whistle, including Zhang Lei, a referee from the Dalian Football Association,Memorial medal; Guo Bingyan, the head of the Zhongzu Preparatory Group Competition, awarded a retired memorial medal to the referee from the Dalian Football Association; Shi Qiang, the leader of the China Football Association preparatory team, awarded the 100 Memorial Crystal Cup for Ai Yi.

“After entering the second stage, the change is normal. The personnel who constantly adjust the personnel who can law enforcement referees are mobilized. Among them, 110 and 187 referees have to be adjusted for various reasons.The list of referees of the final law enforcement the next day is truly determined. Some referees need to go to law enforcement cities three days or even five days in order to meet the cities’ epidemic prevention requirements. “Looking back at the referee work in the 2022 season, the referee office of the China Football Union Preparatory TeamThe person in charge felt the most, because they encountered such frequent changing law enforcement personnel in history.

A total of 33 referees were supervised and 90 referees (46 referees and 44 assistant referees) were qualified for the Super League of the Super League. However, after the season, a total of 44 referees and 43 assistant referees participated in law enforcement work.Among them, there were 38 referees participating in the China Super League law enforcement. One of the two referees who failed to participate in the law enforcement retired. One was unable to ask for leave with the original unit.

Among all the law enforcement referees, the most referee in the Chinese Super League was 21 Shi Lulu (Changchun); the assistant referee was at most Wang Dexin (Shenyang) 33 games.Among the 298 actual competitions this season, the referees have shown a total of 1069 yellow cards, averaging 3.59 per game; a total of 54 red cards (including team official penalties), averaged 0.18 per game;Averaged 0.29 per game.If the number of yellow cards is only in terms of the number of yellow cards, it seems that the 2022 season is the yellow card, but if the average of the 2022 season is significantly lower than the previous two seasons, the year -on -year decrease is average red card.Numbers have achieved certain results after the discipline and rules of 2021.

The referee’s running distance and method are often a reference value that measures the difficulty and intense level of the contest. The average running distance of the referee of the referee in the 2022 season is 10,161 meters, the highest single game is 12,562 meters, the highest -intensity run is 7042 meters in a single game.There is no significant decline than the relevant data of the previous season.Among the referees involved in law enforcement, the referee under the age of 39.5 accounts for 37%of the total number. Due to the task of training youth referees every year, this season is no exception. This year, five referees were punished by the Super League.

This year’s referee law enforcement summary work does not have the best golden whistle and best newcomer. It only made a general summary inside, and some business studies will be carried out in the future to prepare for work next season.

As the representative of the Chinese referee, Ma Ning participated in the Qatar World Cup.”Each referee participating in the World Cup law enforcement is invisible to the efforts behind it. Generally, the four -year cycle must be paid. In these four years, it is necessary to cross the law enforcement of different continents and participate in countless training and assessment. In the end,Only by getting law enforcement qualifications. The World Cup has just ended, and the selection of the referee of the next World Cup has begun. “The relevant person at the Chinese Football Association’s referee said.He also pointed out that the referee level of any country cannot be separated from the basic level of the country’s football and exist alone.However, Chinese referees have not given up their efforts to learn and connect with the world. Take the VAR law enforcement. The number of average venues in the 2022 Chinese Super League VAR is 2.14, which is 0.49 percentage points from 2.63 in the 2021 season.It’s 1.72.Overall, since 2020-2022, the initial penalties for the initial penalties of referees in the three seasons of referees are not much different, but there is still a small gap with the international advanced level (the 2018 World Cup in Russia). At this stage, the overall level of penalties for the referees in my country’s professional league is basically consistent.

“The idea of introducing women’s referees in men’s games, we have also discussed after the World Cup, but as far as the current situation is, it is still difficult to do in the Super League because we have not been able to pass the professional league referee physical fitness testing for the time being.Female referee, after all, the rhythm, strength and gap between men and women’s professional football are too large, but if there are female referees that can meet law enforcement standards in the future, the Super League will not refuse. “Say.

In the second half of the league in the 2022 season, many teams had to withdraw from the competition because of the players infected. What outsiders do not know is that more than 60 referees from different levels of different levels have also infected with new crowns, but they have not retreated.A faith -to ensure the successful match.

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