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The Raptors have poor records and will give the existing lineup for a while

On January 11, Beijing time, the Raptors had a bad record, and many teams stared at them if they would dismantle the team, but the information they revealed was disappointing.According to a reporter Tim Bontemps, the Raptors will also give the existing lineup for a while, and will only make a choice until the end of the month.

The Raptors are the targets of the teams of the teams this season. Several high -quality assets of West Asia Kam, Adnobi, Trent, and Vanvert are all very important.But the current record is 17 wins and 23 losses in the 11th place in the East District. They are not rushing to make a decision.

According to reports, the existence of the playoffs made the Raptors lose hope this season, so they are not in a hurry to make decisions. They will give at least the current lineup for a period of time, and they will only make a choice of unpacking or reinforcement at the end of the month.

Although the Raptors attracted a lot of interest in transactions, the Raptors did not put any core players on the shelf, but they were willing to listen to the offer.The outside world believes that although the performance is not as expected this season, the Raptors still treat Scitid Barnes as the only non-selling product.

As for Vanfrrt, the media reported that he rejected the Raptors’ four -year 114 million contract last year, but Vanvert refused.He just said: “There is no in -depth negotiation, I just want to make myself be in a favorable position, rather than renewing the contract based on the contract reached three or four years ago.The contract that can be obtained. So I just want to put all the cards in the hands of the senior management, they must make a decision from the perspective of the team. “

In the next half a month, unless a particularly major event occurs, the Raptors will not dismantle the existing lineup.(魑))

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  1. This lineup is at most the first round of the playoffs

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