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The Premier League suspension of the two games was taken to Saudi Arabia C Rollene Sato’s victory in the first show. The first show was postponed

Fans who want to see Ronaldo’s first show in the Saudi League have to wait, because he was suspended in the Premier League for two places in the Premier League and is now brought to Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, signed a record for 2 and a half years with Liadeson of Saudi Arabia, with an annual salary of 200 million euros to create a record.Originally, fans expect him to staged the first show in Saudi Arabia in the league on Thursday, but now it can only be postponed.

Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo took a mobile phone of a small fan after the game of Everton. Although he apologized afterwards, he was still punished by the British Football Team in November last year.

According to the FIFA regulations, although the Saudi League and the Premier League are not a national event, the ban is still valid, so Ronaldo will absent from Thursday and Saturday league.His first show in the Saudi League may be postponed until January 21’s home competition.

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  1. Is the next child a child with Saudi Arabia?

  2. Step in the mobile phone, kick three consecutive, and fired the team really in a hurry

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    Chinesegoodguysandgrandchildrenwow 1月 5, 2023 at 2:27 上午

    This is funny. Haha clown

  4. Hahahahaha

  5. There is no system asylum, nothing, one who wants to be punished can not run

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