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The Premier League saving successful power list: Kapa 81.5%ranks first in Pope second

Squawka counted the successful power of the Premier League this season and listed the list. Kapa ranked first with the success rate of 81.5%, and Pop and Pixor were ranked two or three.

The Premier League will save the successful power list this season:

Kaipa (Chelsea) -81.5%

Pop (Newcastle) -79.6%

Pikford (Everton) -77.9%

Fabiansky (West Ham) -74.6%

Neuto (Bernemouth) -74.2%

Alison (Liverpool) -73%

Laya (Brent Ford) -71.9%

Ramsdale (Arsenal) -71.1%

Leno (Fulham) -70.7%

Martinez (Vera) -69%


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