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The Premier League reminds: Nine -round league in the first 17 rounds of Newcastle scored 2 goals per game




1. Warfare: Currently continue to rank top in the standings. In order to consolidate the top position of the list, the desire to win is very strong;

2. Status: The two rounds of the Premier League in the second round of the World Cup have won all the winners. At present, the league has won 3 consecutive victories, and the competitive state is good;

3. Home: This season, the Premier League won 7 games at home, full of power at home;

4. Attack: In the first 16 rounds, the league scored (40 goals). At present, the front of the front line is the second in the Premier League, second only to Manchester City;

5. Defensive: There are seven times in the first 16 rounds of the league. The current defensive quality is the second in the Premier League, second only to Newcastle;

6. Players: Saka, Edgao, and Martin Nili have scored goals in the last round of the previous rounds. This season has scored 19 goals in total, and his ability is outstanding.


1. Data: In the past four times of the same initial data, only one game was running out in the end;

2, injury stop: The striker Jesus will be doubtful due to knee injury due to knee injury.



1. Warfare: Currently ranked 3rd in the standings, in order to keep the Champions League qualification, the desire to win is very strong;

2. Status: Counting the warm -up competition, the current events have been undefeated for 16 consecutive games, and they won 11 games during the period, which is the best state;

3. Attack: 32 goals have been scored so far this season, with averaged 2 goals per game, and the front line firepower is outstanding;

4. Defensive: There are nine main seals in the first 17 rounds of league. The current defense quality is the strongest in the Premier League;

5. Fighting: The last time I played against Arsenal with 2-0, this again has a psychological advantage;

6, away: only once lost once the season to the present. At present, the away game has won 4 consecutive victories. The away combat effectiveness is very strong.


1. Injury: Right -back Clarv’s special cross ligament breaks cannot be played.

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