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The Premier League reminds: Cherry’s many post -injury general Kanter continues to be absent




1. Size: In the past 10 games, there are 7 small scores in various events, and the team’s play style is relatively cautious;

2. Warfare: At present, the team has 25 points in the 10th place in the Premier League, only 5 points from the Euoloba group stage, and the score is full;

3. Player: The main striker Stelling in the formation of the two rounds of the league surrender 1 goal and 1 assists in the game, and the personal performance is excellent;

4. Home: So far, the home winning percentage is 57.1%, averaging 1.71 goals per game, less than 1 goal loss, the main ability is good;

5. Pass control: At present, the ball control rate is 59.4%, and the success rate of passing is 85%. Both data are ranked third in the league.


1. Injuries: In the array, many backcourt personnel suffered injuries. Among them, the main back waist Kanter continued to be injured, which caused a certain impact on the back line;

2. Attack: This season has scored a total of 20 goals in 16 leagues, and the offensive end performed poorly;

3. Corner: So far, only 5.2 corner data is brushed out of the field.

Manchester City


1. Warfare: Temporarily ranked second in the standings, and there were as many as 8 points behind the list, and the desire to grab points was strong;

2. Fighting: Last season, the main player and away were killed Chelsea, and the last British Cup also won.

3. Status: After the offseason, 3 games achieved 2 wins and 1 draw, and the current status is very stable;

4. Firepower: At present, the league has scored 44 goals, and the front line firepower is the strongest Premier League;

5. Assist: The team has brushed 35 assists in the season so far, and the team’s ability to cooperate is extremely poor;

6. Player: Absolutely attacking the thigh Harland played 15 times and handed over 21 goals and 3 assists in the battle.

7. Defense: There are only 16 goals in the league so far, and the quality of defense is also a first -class level;

8. Data: When Shengping’s negative customer victory data is near 1.62, the team’s real win data probability is as high as 77%.


1. Size: In the past 10 games, 7 small scores have been played in various events, and the recent goal is small.


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