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The post -80s “Old Lottery Friends” appeared in the Great Lotto 2.64 million to chase the key

Chasing the investment at will, in one fell swoop, the 2.64 million award of the lottery lottery! Before the World Cup started, Mr. Lin, the lucky buyer of Wuxi, entered the Jiangsu Sports Lottery Hall in Nanjing and showed the staff the big lottery lottery lottery that he would make.

Mr. Lin introduced himself that he was a “old color friend” in the 80s. Since buying the lottery, he has betted for more than many minutes of lottery gameplay. He usually likes long -term conservation, but he has not had too much awards before. Since the beginning of this year, the sports lottery big lottery has maintained frequent winnings and ultra -high prizes, and Mr. Lin could not help but make Mr. Lin feel hearty. He admits that he is a node family, and does not like to see trend and technical analysis, and feel too troublesome, so he decided to try his best in a random way. He did not expect that good luck really came. October 29th is the lottery day of the 22123 period of Dali Left. On the same day, Mr. Lin came to Wuxi 3202002210 sports lottery outlets he often walked after lunch. When he walked into the store, he did not think about it. Great Leveling Tickets, which adds 10 times bet. That night, the Dazhong prize in this period, the winning number was “02, 20, 28, 29, 30+07, 10”, and Mr. Lin’s third bet number was “02, 20, 28, 29, 30+07, 12 “, although a little regret, but due to additional and double blessings, he finally won 10 additional prizes, and the total bonus reached 264,5550 yuan. Mr. Lin finally revealed one of his thoughts, because this time it was random, hoping that he could still win the prize of the 7 digits of the number.

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