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The Portuguese Football Association issued a statement: Cristiano Ronaldo has never threatened to leave the team

In a statement, the Portuguese Football Association pointed out that Ronaldo, in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo has never threatened to leave the national team.

Earlier, there was a media in Portugal that Ronaldo threatened the national team in a conversation with the national team coach Fernando Santos because of dissatisfaction with the bench.

The Portuguese Football Association clarified that Captain Cristiano Ronaldo had never threatened to leave the national team during the Qatar training camp.

The Portuguese Football Association said that Ronaldo created a unique history in the national team. This history must be respected, which also proves that his loyalty to the national team is beyond doubt.

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    ThankyouforyourPiaorou 12月 9, 2022 at 2:37 上午

    It is estimated that all the players in the team, including the coach thought, really want to leave the team?Is there such a good thing?

  2. There is no silver here, there are three hundred and two, and I want to cover Miyanger.

  3. This said that Manchester United is slandering me.

  4. Those who sprayed black and darkened in the comments, so soon forgot that some people retreated their emotions when they were unsatisfactory, and finally returned again, but that happened.

  5. Some fans do not know whether they are not literate or cover their ears.

  6. There is him, what wonderful work cannot happen

  7. Moto not only declared, but also did it.EssenceEssence

  8. Do you think everyone is Dalang

  9. A group of self -righteous pseudo -fans, what achievements do you achieve at the age of 38?Even for yourself?

  10. There is no silver here for three hundred and two

  11. Before the Manchester United scanned out, you washed it like this.

  12. Of course, it will not exit, and it is not stupid.In case Portugal won the World Cup, do n’t talk about the face, lost the opportunity to “call the king”, but he lost blood

  13. The news of the threat to leave the team is fake [laughing cry]

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