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The Phoenix Goller Billing Big Bi Gui Win the fourth win this season and close to the bonus king


Biga is expensive

On November 21st, Beijing time, Big Kaichi caught 5 birds at the Phoenix Rural Club in Miyazaki County on Sunday, cut 20 yards of Eagle cut at the No. 13 Dongshake, 64 shots, 7 shots below the standard pole, in Dunlopp The fourth victory of this season and the sixth victory of their career in the Phoenix Goller.

The four-wheeled score of Bijia is 263 (69-65-65-64), which is 21st than the standard rod, and won 40 million yen. The total bonus accumulated to 179,141,233 yen, laying the foundation for the winning prize.

At the beginning of the day, he led two shots, and he was not challenged by the top of the list of Jiayi. He finally led 3 shots to win the invited Mito Pereira.

“This week I target-20 and lower poles. I am very happy and I have done it. I won the reward of victory.” It is the best moment this year.

“The bonus king is my dream since I was a child. After winning today, I will reach it quickly. It is important to get such a achievement to me.”

Mito Perera ranked 36th in the world, caught 7 birds, swallowed 1 Bai Tab, and scored 65, with 266 shots, 20 yuan below the standard pole, ranking second. He highly praised Biga.

“Big Jia is very good. This is an excellent performance. His ball is very straight and very accurate,” Mito Perrara said, “I played with him for two days, and I must say that he is an excellent Player. He should win this victory. “

Seven birds in Daji Zhichun and 2 Bali bogey, 66 shots, 4 shots behind, ranking third. In the last round of the 15th Jin Zhuheng, the world’s ranking was caught by 7 birds, and the cypress bogened 64. Like Xiaoping Zhi, the two of them were in the fourth place with Shimizu Dacheng (65).

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