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The penalty kick is too exciting! Switzerland lost 3 o’clock in a row of Spanish goalkeeper 2 consecutive times to change his life


Simon is elected the best player in the audience

In the early morning of July 3, Beijing time, the European Cup 1/4 final, Spain against Switzerland.Although the Bull Fighting Legion hit more than 40 minutes, he eventually fought 1-1 with his opponent in 120 minutes.

During the penalty kick, the Swiss team that burst into the last five free throws in the last five fines. In the case of the opponent’s first penalty, they even fined 3 penalties, and finally 1-3 (total score 2-4).Low to Spain.Enrique’s team is thrilled to advance to the semi -finals!

The two sides of the penalty kick kicked 9 times, and the penalty was as many as 5 times (3 times in Switzerland, 2 times in Spain); both goalkeeper played the courage, and Summer, who repeatedly rescued the audience, brought a penalty kick.It was a consecutive penalty kick, and the latter was elected as the best player in the audience after the game.

[5 penalty kicks]


Bestutz’s first penalty mid -pillar


Simon fluttering Salian penalty


Somers pounced out of Rodrhla on the ball


Simon fluts out Akanji penalty


Balgas penalty flying

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