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The Oscar pro -reserved team only gets 2 million euros in the vacation during the vacation

Reporter Cheng Shan reported that on the afternoon of January 8th, in the 1/4 final round of the Football Association Cup, Harbor defeated Rongcheng 4-0 and advanced with a total score of 8-0.The performance is perfect.Oscar’s importance to seaport is beyond doubt, and his future, after he stayed in the team, also wrote an end.

Oscar appeared in a harbor, or the Super League of the three towns 180 days ago. In that game, the seaport lost 0-1.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.Oscar appeared in the inside, and fans on the red square array on the stands began to cheer.He turned his head and waved his hand, as if returning to a certain game a long time ago.

“It feels good to have fans.” The staff next to him said with a smile, and Oscar nodded like an unknown place.Before the game, the acting coach Xi Zhikang and Oscar talked about the play time of this game. Oscar said that although he did not play the official game for several months, he did not relax during this time in Brazil.good.In the last game, 4 goals in Harbor won, Oscar watched the game on the stands. He said that with the current strength of the game, he can adapt.

After discussing, the coaching team informed Oscar that in order to help him pull physical fitness and find the feeling of the game, he played the best state in a relatively difficult semi -finals. This game will start and play the audience.”We can see these two training courses that he really maintains good, and it is okay to cooperate with the old and new teammates. Players like him, personal ability and physical fitness.There will be no pressure in it. “Xi Zhikang said.

As the coaching team expected, after the appearance of Oscar, he not only revitalized the entire team, but also repeatedly created a threat.Whether it is cooperating with the old teammate Wu Lei, or the transmission of the new aid Balgas, it looks more tacit.

In the first half, the Harbor was not in a hurry. The goal account did not open until the 43rd minute. Oscar made a penalty to the right corner to the front point. The Balgas header kicked the goal. Wu Lei, who was unattended, easily pushed the ball into the empty goal.In the second half, Oscar was still the core of the team, and he sent a beautiful pass many times, and the goal came.

In the 90th minute, the Oscar in the penalty area and the small Paulinho hit the wall and cooperated to kill the penalty area.In the stoppage time, his beautiful arc ball helped Abrah to break the goal. The young man found Oscar and made a celebration of shoe.After the game, Oscar won the MVP on the spot. He said with a smile: “I am very happy. I haven’t played with my teammates for a long time. I have a helping to help. This game is perfect for me.”

More than once, Oscar frankly said to the outside world that his love for Shanghai and this team had a period of time, and he even talked about whether it was possible to change the nationality and join the Chinese team.Here, Oscar not only has the championship time, but also feels the most temperature home. In addition to money and fame, Oscar really likes everything here.

But the epidemic made Oscar and his family feel uncomfortable. He was very heavy and shaken.

In 2022, Oscar’s wife Dilumila was pregnant again. In April, his mother became ill. Oscar asked for leave from Harbor and returned to Brazil with his family members.In terms of players for leave, Harbor has always been generous and approved Oscar’s request.But relying on Oscar’s seaport, after the core of this midfielder, I lost a number of games that should not be lost. Until the first stage of the first stage, the seaport welcomed the Oscar.Leave again.

In fact, Oscar’s second departure, as early as the plan, he would bring his wife wherever he went. When he returned to Shanghai, he was alone. He left his wife in Brazil on the grounds that he was about to come.It didn’t take long for the little golden people to return to their hometown to visit relatives again.This time, Brazilian media revealed that Oscar wants to leave the team.

Before the issuance of the salary limit order, Harbor gave Oscar a renewal contract of 24 million euros. It did not expire until the end of 2024. For the players during the contract, the attitude of the Harbor was tough.

“Yes, everyone knows that some teams have thoughts on me, but I have a contract, so I can only continue to take a vacation.” When talking about these experiences, Oscar seemed helpless.Want to return to Brazil, yes!But if you want to terminate the contract, it is impossible!Unless you get the termination of the contract, Oscar cannot leave.

It is worth mentioning that the saying that the Oscar did not play high salary at the time that the Oscar was not accurate -the contract stipulated that if the player could not appear for the team, he could only get the basic salary of 2 million euros.It can be regarded as a “stop salary”.In the past, the Chinese Super League team was basically in a relatively weak party in the treatment of foreign aid, especially in the termination of the contract.

“Harbor will not let me go. According to the agreement, it is to let me take a vacation. In this way, I will not be injured. This is why the negotiations were suspended at the time.” When I was still in Brazil, Oscar told my friends like this.The request that Oscar was rented was never promised. Perhaps it was because of this persistence that at the critical moment, Harbor welcomed a healthy top foreign aid.Regarding the two games in the 1/4 final of the FA Cup, Xun Zhikang expressed his satisfaction. He said: “Oscar and Wu Lei have entered a state. I hope that several of them can lead everyone in the next game.The achievements. “He believes that Oscar is in good condition and has a lot to do with him when he insisted on training in Brazil.

In this game, Wu Lei replaced Wu Lei after the first half of the Harbor, in order to ensure that he played in the next game in a better state to impact the championship.

And before the key war, Oscar pro -inherited, next season, he will continue to stay in Harbor. This season, the goal of the Harbor is the Football Association Cup champion. Next season, they have the strength and have the opportunity to launch an impact on the Super League champion.

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  1. There are too few 2 million euros, not only this price for Caton Ning

  2. Shanggang Group is suspected of being laundering through foreign aid money!

  3. People are stupid money [laughing cry]

  4. Shanggang Jinyuan football is not worth promoting

  5. Whether you can go to another neighborhood

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    Mousecodelikechickens 1月 10, 2023 at 2:44 上午

    Stop playing games, salary is issued.Abbreviation: stop salary

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    Listeningtothesea||User7645553326 1月 10, 2023 at 2:44 上午

    20 million RMB can be regarded as “stopping salary”. Your theory is really “touching”![Khan]

  8. 20 million RMB can be regarded as “suspended salary and staying”. Your theory is really “touching”!

  9. Mouse crossing the street, everyone fights

  10. If I can get 2⃣️ 10,000 European annual salary if I take a vacation

  11. China’s “money” is really stupid

  12. The Treasury resources of the rice bureau are not distressed

  13. The people of the whole country hit the mouse [Haha] [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  14. Sitting at home to receive more than 1,400 million empty crickets every year, spending money is not distressed, state -owned enterprises are cowhide [good]

  15. The basic salary of the vacation is 2 million euros, only take it, and it is enough to be a constant club for one year for one year.Operation fee

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