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The Organizing Committee of Volleyball Super League announced the suspension of the 2022-2023 row Super All-Star Game


2022-2023 season Chinese volleyball Super League Organizing Committee Announcement

On January 4, Beijing time, the official Weibo of the China Volleyball Super League issued an announcement of the Organizing Committee, announcing the suspension of 2022-2023 China Volleyball Super League Alliance All League.The announcement shows that the reason for the suspension of the current All -Star Championship is in view of the current impact of the epidemic on the event.

2022-2023 China Volleyball Super League All-League All-Star Tournament was originally scheduled to be held in Wuyuan, Jiangxi on January 11.In the voting of the All -Star Tournament in December last year, Tianjin Bohai Bank’s main attack Li Yingying 186168 votes were the first to take the lead; as for the men’s volleyball team, Zhang Jingzhang, the main attack of Zhejiang Sports Lottery, was elected as “ticket king” with 74513 votes.In the voting of coaches, Wang Baoquan, head coach of Tianjin Bohai Bank women’s volleyball team, and Li Mu, head coach of the Beijing Automobile Men’s Volleyball Team, took the top spot.(Caucasus)

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  1. Zhongli fans said fairly, if Li Tianniang really slandered, it was all caused by Jinbiao

  2. Fighting spirit, a passion player!

  3. There is honor in China, indeed there are, I hope the battle is up!

  4. Mu Xiu Yu Lin, the wind will destroy it.It is better than others.As soon as Li Yingying made a debut, the ball dealer and the ball, the ball skills were a large piece.There are many honorary honors in China.It is inevitable that being slandered.

  5. Level this time to return to the Star Game

  6. Then please talk about 19 years old?Besides, do you framed others to hurt people?

  7. She is stubborn and dark, and it is ridiculous that the basic common sense does not understand.The youth team played in the Tianjin Stadium, Li Yingying and other players picked up the ball, and she understood the youth team with caddy.

  8. Should!

  9. She is the stubborn stubborn black and black

  10. What is your call to a sunspot!

  11. Who said it was a national youth with a caddy. In the Tianjin Stadium, Li Yingying became a caddy, both picking up the ball and watching the game.

  12. Everyone can search, the photos are clear.

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