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The opening 3 -second of the opening three -second Hilde created the fastest remote investment record

On December 30th, Beijing time, the Indiana Pacers faced the Kelvland Cavaliers at home. The two teams in the game fought four fierce fighting. In the end, the Pacers defeated their opponents 135 to 126.The campaign Batty Hilde completed a historical achievement and hit the sports game in only 3 seconds in the opening.

As soon as the two teams jumped in the game, Hilde grabbed the rebounding, and then he turned directly to jump and scored a three -point.

At this time, the time was only three seconds. This is the fastest three-pointer in NBA history since the 1996-96 season.

Prior to this, the Pacers’ famous Suji Miller played against the Warriors on March 6, 2000, and she hit a three-pointer in 4 seconds, setting a record of the fastest three-pointer goal,Essence

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