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The old minister of Chongming Island in Harbor Harbor hopes to fulfill his dreams to reach the Grand Slam for the teacher Xu Genbao

The Chinese Football Association announced the specific kick -off time of the 2021 FA Cup final. This game at the professional football field of the Phoenix Sports Center in Chengdu will begin at 7:30 pm this Sunday. The two sides are the new sees of the new section of the new champion Shandong Taishan and the Chinese Super League Shanghai Harbor this season.

For the Harbor Team, the FA Cup is the only domestic trophy in the club that has not been stained. Before such an important final, the first batch of players in the team of Xu Genbao Chongming base in the team, and the veteran Lu Wenjun and Wang Yichao who spent a full 16 -year journey with the club accepted the interview.

The runner -up of the Chinese Super League can accept it, and the ecstatic teenager takes advantage

Regarding the team’s second place in this season, both Lu Wenjun and Wang Yichao said that in view of the various difficulties that the team encountered over the past year, this ranking is still acceptable.

Lu Wenjun said: “It should be said that the ranks of runner -up are relatively satisfactory. After all, the team has a lot of difficulties this year, and there are many injured players, including foreign aids. The results are indeed not easy. Of course, there are several important games in our first stage that can not get three points, which leads to the difference between the difference between the championship and the Shandong Taishan. It is very difficult to catch up with them. Therefore, every ball in each stage of the league is critical. Next season, I hope that this aspect will be better in detail. “

Wang Yichao believes that the team’s staff is not neat enough and a lot of injuries is indeed unfavorable, but it has also promoted the growth of young and younger teams. “Young players have more opportunities to play. Many players such as Li Shenyuan, Hu Jinghang and Liu Zhurun ​​and so on. It also shows your own strength. Young players get better exercise. They are also our team’s future strength. I believe that next season will be a better start. “

Where to kick and obey the coach arrangement

In addition to the “Chongming Phase Issue”, Lu Wenjun and Wang Yichao have the same characteristic that they can play multiple positions, which are multi -faceted hands on the field. And this season, the coach of the Harbor Team, Ryoko, did arrange them in a new position.

For example, Lu Wenjun, who played the left wing guard from the striker, but his goal skills are still there. He scored 10 goals in the Chinese Super League and the FA Cup. He is the best shooter in the team.

Regarding my new position, Lu Wenjun said, “My performance this year is still okay. The head coach found me a position that helps the team and improved me. This position is more suitable for me. In fact, in the offensive offensive I am more like a winger. As a wing guard, we must focus on the attack and defense, so the requirements for physical fitness are very high. However, the head coach is very strong in training. Personally, the striker is also possible, but the head coach said that he must obey the whole, so he still chose to put me on the position of the wing guard. “

“Wanjin Oil” was originally a label of Wang Yichao. This season, he kicked the right wings and right central guards in the club this season. During the championship team, he kicked the back and the back of the back. The main left back.

“Can you adapt to multiple positions? This question is about 20 years old, I will have a lot of thoughts. Now I am 32 years old, which is no longer a problem for me. This year, I played a lot of positions, reminding me of Xu Guo in the past When I led the team, I also played three or four positions in a year, sometimes even a game for three positions. Now I think how to rely on so many years of experience, especially in different positions Accumulate experience, do a good job of the character’s conversion, adapt to the requirements of this position tactical system, and play the role of this position. This is also the place where I still need to improve and improve. Where do you play? , I will go all out to the position I need according to the arrangement of the head coach. “

In addition, Wang Yichao is not only the main force of the Harbor Team, but also follows the national football team to participate in the World Championship. However, he said that such a dense schedule is normal. “For me, the game and rhythm of the game have participated in the past few years and participated in the past few years. The AFC Champions League is almost the same. The most difficult thing is that there is almost much time to rest all year, that is, I have been training and competition. Especially at the end of the last few games, I feel that mental fatigue has a great impact on me. But through this In the adjustment period, I will put all my energy and all their strengths in the finals of the Football Association Cup. I hope to write a successful end to this very difficult season. “

The Football Association Cup final, the most important game

On Sunday, the FA Cup final faced the opponent of Shandong Taishan. However, in the view of Lu Wenjun and Wang Yichao, the opportunity to win the first FA Cup championship trophy for the club is in front of it. This is a must to complete.

“For us, especially me, Wang Yichao, Yan Junling and Cai Huikang, the earliest batch of Chongming players should be said to be the most important game in life.” Lu Wenjun said, “After all, we are here. Although there may be opportunities in the future, there is such a good opportunity now. Everyone is particularly eager to get this championship. For us, we must complete this goal. I am looking forward to this game. I hope the whole team will do their best together. To go, be sure to win this game. “

Wang Yichao also said, “Because the team has won the championship in the team B, China A, the Super League and the Super Cup, our dream is to want to get the Grand Slam of domestic events, so this FA Cup champion is very important to all players. It is also very eager. But in the face of such an important competition, I feel that I must grasp it. Although I long for victory, when the competition comes, it must be very calm. It is the most important. No matter how excited you are before the game, you must have a good mentality in the game. Often, this kind of game is more than the mentality and on -the -spot play. There is no secret between the two teams. ” In the team, it is even more promising that it is undoubtedly a cosmetic surgery and just won the Chinese Super League Championship. However, Lu Wenjun believes that the overall strength of the Harbor Team is not bad. “There may be more players who can play the opponent. We need to prepare for difficulties. Do you really need to think too much on the competition. Win this champion. “

“Although the league did not win Shandong Taishan in two games, the scene and process were better than one game. I believe that in the finals, we will play this game with a better state and better mental appearance. It will continue to sum up and improve in failure, and the entire team has been continuously improving. Often losing is not necessarily bad, it will give us more strength and more experience. “Wang Yichao talked about the characteristics of the Harbor team,” This is a bit a bit Just like we just played the Chinese Super League and the Guangzhou team, they lost at the beginning. After several years of tempering, they slowly won them. Although Shandong Taishan may be more neat in personnel in personnel, the football field Everything may happen. I believe that the FA Cup final will be a wonderful game. I hope we can fulfill this dream for all fans. “

Source: Thoughtful Shanghai Author: Yu Jiong

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