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The Nongxin Cup ushered in the second stage of the 25th on the 25th of the Zhi Ye Tiger Pills to challenge Jiang Dongrun

From November 25th to 29th, the 24th Nongxinxin Ramen Cup Three Kingdoms Go in the second stage of the game started in the second stage of the game, and played the 5th to 9th game. At 13:00 on the 25th, South Korea Jiang Dongrun and Japanese Zhiye Tiger Wan will start the second stage of unveiling.

In the first stage of the last month, China Fan Tingyu won three consecutive victories, with a total of 21 wins in the Nongxin Cup, breaking the 19 wins recorded by Li Changhao in one fell swoop. In the first stage, Fan Tingyu lost to Jiang Dongrun, South Korea, and Boss Fan retired.


Zhi Ye Tiger Wan’s inscription after re -capture celebrities

In the second stage of the first game, China was sitting on the mountains. Zhiye Tiger Wan defeated Jingshan Yuta through the Decisive Bureau earlier this month, re -captured the title of Japanese celebrities, and later played in the international arena. The Nongxin Cup attacked 擂 农 农 农 is fierce, and Jiang Dongrun did not occupy an absolute advantage. Jiang Dongrun said that he has carefully prepared the war, and the goal of this year’s Nongxin Cup has won three consecutive victories.

List of Three Kingdoms of the 24th Nongxin Cup:

Chinese team: Ke Jie’s nine sections, Gu Zihao nine sections, Lian Xiaojiu sections, Ji Jiayu nine sections, Fan Tingyu nine sections (eliminated)

Japanese team: Yushan Yuta Jiuli Section, Zhiye Tiger Wan Jiuguan, Yu Zhengqi Eight Section, Xu Jiayuan Nine Section (eliminated), Yili Liao Nine Section (eliminated)

South Korean team: Shen Zhenzheng Nine Section, Bian Xiang Yiji, Park Tingyu Nine Section, Jiang Dongrun Nine Section, and Shen Yizhen Nine (Releasing)

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  1. Ginger is old spicy?Or a tiger?Waiting and seeing, haha [haha]

  2. is not a discouraged words, this set of lineups in China is estimated to have no drama again.

  3. I want to see Park Tingyu [Yeah]

  4. If South Korea wins, welcome Ke Shaoxia to play!

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