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The Non -Big Note James’s left knee soreness is missing the best in the West Western Zhou

On January 10, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers will go to the away game to challenge the Denver Nuggets. This campaign is the third time the two teams have played for the season, and LeBron James will be missing due to injuries.

Before the two teams began, the Lakers officially announced that James could not play against the Nuggets because of his left knee soreness.

In addition to James, Langnie Walker, Troy Brown, Anthony Davis could not play due to injuries, and Wito was listed on the daily observation list by the queue.

In the past week, 38 -year -old James has contributed 35 points, 8.7 rebounds and 7.7 assists to help the team win the winning streak. For this reason, James also won the best Western Week.

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  1. 38 years old and still fight back. It is normal for 37 minutes to rest for a day.Find the sense of presence here

  2. When I encountered a strong team, I was injured decisively [Khan]

  3. When I read the report, fans who buy tickets in the United States can accept this ride.The citizens quarreled.

  4. Coward

  5. really fans can understand that some pseudo -secrets like to set off between time, incite the wind to ignite

  6. is also an intelligent injury, and absent from the frequent selective injuries of the Qiangqiang team. How can your fans maintain it?

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