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The newcomer king of the United States -Montgomeli three top ten performance amazing performance



On December 3rd, Beijing time, a year ago, Taylor Montgomery can be said to be “back”. Whether the glorious international tour conventional season or finals, he happened to be one of the top 25The US Tour Card.

Now that he has finally got qualifications, Taylor Moncore Marley undoubtedly cherishes such an opportunity and grasp it.

In the 7 stops of this fall, Taylor Monagemari won the top ten, which is the highest in the US tour.He is currently ranked 11th in the Federal Express Cup standings and ranked first among newcomers.He is also located in the first place on the number of birds, a total of 135 times.

Let’s take a look at his statistics below:

The first 20 digits: 6 times, the first

Top ten: 3 times, first

Birds and better: 135, tied for the first

Six -character head: 18 rounds, tied for third

Number of red words: 23 rounds, tied for third

When we turn to the calendar year, we must pay attention to this new face.

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