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The new coaching team of Guoping has determined Li Yan as the head coach

The three -day national table tennis team coaches competed and exchanged activities, and they ended successfully today.After two stages of voting, the competition committee selected the head of the new national table tennis team coaching team.The head coach is Li Yan, the head coach of the men’s team is Wang Hao, the coach of the women’s team is Ma Lin, and the dual group leader is Xiao Zhan.Liu Heng and other 24 coaches entered the national table tennis coach.The above list will be approved in accordance with the program.In the future, the competition review committee will vote with the new national team head coach, the head coach of the national team men’s team, the head coach of the national team women’s team, the mixed doubles team leader of the national team, and representatives of the national team

Both competition and learning, both competition and unity, competition and exchange activities are full

At the national provincial, district, municipalities and coach exchange conferences held on the 27th, more than a hundred professional ping -pong people gathered online and offline for exchanges and discussions, and they had to prepare for war.Coaches from front lines from various places exchanged discussions on team building, athlete management mechanism, training methods and technical directions, and reserve talent training.

Yin Xiao, an old coach who attended the meeting, said that “table tennis innovation is an eternal theme, and hopes that the national table tennis people will work together to continue to innovate.”Coach Li Xiaodong believes that “Chinese table tennis is a big family. This form of communication is very good, because the most important thing is to work well,” Li Xiaodong also pointed out that the current development trend of the world table tennis industry is “strong and active, active, active, active, active, active, active, active,Speed is the core. Chinese table tennis people should carry forward the fine traditions and work hard. They should be creative on the basis of the original, maintaining the world’s leading world for play and the quality of play. “Lu Yuansheng said, “After listening to the exchanges between the local team and the young coach of the country, seeing everyone’s motivation, I believe that the ping -pong people in the country will work together, which will definitely make the Chinese table tennis Changhong.”

After the exchange activity, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Table Tennis Association, expressed a lot of gains. He said with emotion, “It is the unified idea of a game of chess nationwide and the steps of coordination in the same coordination.

Among the number of people across the country, a total of 31 qualified coaches participated in the bidding report on the 28th and 29th.Everyone’s sincere competition speech is full of love for table tennis and determination to contribute to table tennis career.Li Yan said: “The atmosphere of competition activities is fair and fair. Everyone is very enthusiastic. I think this competition and exchange activities are a national coaching business learning meeting.Excellent talents make the table tennis projects continue. “

Chen Zhenjiang, who participated in the competition, was most impressed by this online and offline exchange competition during the epidemic, which made him hear the voice of coaches across the country.”I think it’s particularly shocking. When everyone talks about the training of teenagers, I feel particularly deep. Everyone’s group strength, the biggest feeling is everyone’s love for table tennis. Everyone wants to do my best to do my best.Valuable advice.”

After three days of exchanges, Xiao Zhan believed that “through this competition and exchanges, I heard the idea of grass -roots coaches of the provincial and municipalities, and felt that the harvest was very comprehensive.Everyone created the opportunity to compete for fair and fair competition. From the seminar and competition, I can learn the strengths of each coach and learn from my coaching concept. “

Ma Lin believes: “This competition exchange will fully reflect the mechanism of the Chinese Table Tennis Association’s fairness, fairness, and public selection of coaches, and give the national coaches a particularly good opportunity to play for the country.The coaches of table tennis dreams show their talents on the stage. Become a national team coach, which is the highest glory for every ping -pong person. Thanks to the association for giving us the opportunity to play for the country.His love and understanding of table tennis continues to make your greatest contribution to the table tennis career. “

Wang Hao believes that he has learned a lot in this activity. “For so many years of the epidemic, I finally have the opportunity to communicate. So many table tennis people talk together and discuss the ping -pong event. Thanks to the association for creating this platform, let me listen to my predecessors coaches.The ideas and suggestions of the young coaches who play with me together with me. At the competition, everyone was fully prepared to meet the new challenges, and I would go all out to contribute to the table tennis career.”

Adhering to the principles of fairness, justice, and disclosure of the competition work, the whole process is strictly carried out under the process of media supervision.As a member of the supervisory team, the new Guoping, head coach, and mixed doubles group leader were witnessed. Liu Yi said, “This competition follows the principles of fairness, justice, and openness.The program is transparent, scientific and efficient, and the consensus of the national ping -pong industry will be condensed to the maximum extent. “

Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Table Tennis Association, said in a summary, “In this competition, 31 outstanding coaches have the courage to take responsibility, pursue their dreams, and participate in the competition with a sense of honor and mission.Individuals have harvested. Everyone competes for different positions and different positions will have different challenges, but no matter what difficulties are encountered, we must firmly believe in our ability. The Chinese Table Tennis Association has organized this competition for the Paris Olympic Games to prepare for war and organize this competition.Exchange activities. The whole process has the supervision of the State General Administration of Sports and the table tennis feather center. In a very good atmosphere, we are both compete and learn, both competition and unity. The biggest wealth of the Chinese table tennis team is knowledge sharing. In the national table tennis team,The individual is also the team, and the team will help individuals in turn. Everyone who is in any position will glow, all sacred, and they are the strongest sense of honor. “


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